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  1. Why do you think Vettes with lower rated horsepower than the Shelby GT500 win?..because they are more aerodynamic and weigh a lot LESS...it's all about the weight...I had a buddy who put a 327 cu engine in a '74 Vega...it was a light car and had lots of HP and he used to kill all the Chevelles, Cuda's, Shelby's etc.,way back when...it's all about the weight (gearing helps a lot, too).
  2. The only 4 door I would say is not a POS is that 604 hp Mercedes. I would drive it around , but it runs 11s.

    A Z06 vet and a GT500 would probably be a good race.
    I had a Pinto with a 351 win and a B&M blower with 2-4s, it would lift the wheels.

    I sold my Mach 1 about 2 years ago. A hole bunch more than I paid for it. It was a Q code, Non ram air.

    Then I put a 540 cubic in (Bored 460 with 494 crank) in a Mustang II Mach 1. I drove it once. It scared me to bad, and at the time I had a dragster. (lets Boggy) was the name of my dragster.
  3. I'm sorry, but a C6 Z06 Corvette would destroy a GT500 in every respect. Hell, it's right on the heels of a Ford GT. Even the previous generation C5 Z06 was more than an even match for the current GT500...and it makes 135 less horsepower.
  4. +1 the vette having the weight advantage helps a ton.

    i guess if all 4 doors are lame then my 300hp 295lb-ft 6sp awd ford produced 4 door falls into that category. nevermind the factory active suspension and brembo brakes.
  5. no sh¡t, i didnt know the numbers on them. i've driven those at work, like picking them up from customers houses and dropped them back off to them, and i always liked those cars, they seemed to have alot of get up and go, and i quite possibly know why now. haha.

    just 1/4 throttle regular driving and 1/2 throttle merging on the highway, they seem to have great throttle response and great power on command.
  6. bdcardinal

    "i guess if all 4 doors are lame then my 300hp 295lb-ft 6sp awd ford produced 4 door falls into that category"

    AHHH, Yes. Maybe if it had another 300 hp it wouldn't.

    There are 3 kinds of people in this car world. Those that like 4 door cars, those that like 2 door cars and those that say , What's the difference. That's fine. Most of the cars sold are 4 doors, I'm kind of a strange duck I guess. I don't like 4 doors. I don't like Verts, I don't like V6 or I-4, I don't like anything GM or Chrysler. *** cars are just stupid. Some German cars are good, All English cars are crap. 4 door cars with fancy wheels and a wing are funny, I feel sorry for those people. Eleanor Sucks and so do strips.
    Those are my opinions, You can have yours let me have mine.
    If you showed a picture of your Eleanor with a wing and strips, After I got done laughing I would say Burn it.
  7. :popcorn:
  8. Once again, your grammar could be better, I think you meant STRIPES. But that's just my opinion. Just wondering why you feel the need to bully everyone around? People on this site normally don't act this way. But what do I know, I own/drive a 4-Door POS.:shrug:
  9. strips? or do u mean stripes? well i agree with u an some things but to each there own, im not a big fan of 4 doors unless its a luxory car, everything else is junk
  10. Stips/stripes. Ok you guys win, I left out a e. I have no intent on bullying anyone. I just state my opinion. If people don't like that, That is their problem. 4 doors suck. and COBESGT I'm going to have to feel sorry for you for owning one. I guess it's like telling a owner of a Dodge Magnum that they own a station wagon. They just don't want to believe that.

  11. Gearbanger, you beat me to it. Torque is what moves a car. Horsepower is just a mathmatical formula to tell you at what RPM you're making that torque. My ole Datsun only made 225hp at the wheels on the dyno and ran 12.80s @ 108 all day long. That's because it made over 300 lb ft of torque down low. It fooled the online HP calculators that said with those times it should have 270hp at the wheels.

    Of course power to weight came into play. 2700lbs w/ me in it.......:)
  12. Don't forget the fact the the original SHO Yamaha v6 engine was detuned so it wouldn't make more power than the mustangs of its day. This was to insure that the SHO would not beat the highest level mustang because at the time their was not an SVT program building cobras or gt500s like today. Try not to be threatened.

    What you are trying to do is compare apples and oranges. The truth is the new SHO is a very good car. A car designed to generate and help FORD, the same company that makes your mustang, compete in the world automotive industry. Chances are if they sell more cars then it will help ensure the unbroken streak of producing mustangs since the 60s will continue. Look at it from a business perspective. FORD knows the people that drive mustangs have other needs for transportation besides a two door essentially two seat car. Why not give these people an option to have a muscle car(mustang) and a modern muscle/performance sedan(SHO) to help split their needs/obsession for speed and performance.
  13. the difference between hp and torque is a bit tricky. I would not say hp is just a mathematical formula, though I do know the formula your talking about. Technically, Torque is Force, and HP is Power. Power is Energy per unit time, (force * distance per second). So... if a piston creates so much force, getting that piston to do it many times per second creates more power.

    It is important because the torque will get you off the line. This is Newton in all his glory. A mass will tend to stay at rest unless acted upon by a force. Torque.

    However, the horsepower is critical at the other end of track when your trying to overcome wind resistance. High power cars will have high top speeds, and come up fast at the end of the track. High torque cars will need a lot of traction, and have great 60ft times, but finish slow.
  14. I have to say... the below car is a GIANT STEAMING PILE imo....

    Now THIS is respect!

    Horsepower has NOTHING to do with 1/4 mile times by itself.

    Torque + Weight + TRACTION = 1/4 mile times....

  15. thats an 09 wrx. i love those cars. handle amazing, and make good power. my friend lets me drive his all the time. they feel great. comfortable, great sounding.
  16. Whatever. giant... steaming.... semi-gellantinous..... gag-worthy pile of amphibian ****. And there is nothing uglier or more of a waste of money. just my opinion.... don't flame.
  17. I liked the previous WRX, the new one is FUGLY, sorry to all WRX lovers. The old car was the bomb, the new one needs to be bombed.

    The Pontiac G8, LOVE IT !!!
  18. I don't like the looks of 4 doors in a sport car. And I dislike front wheel drive in a sports car even more.

    And its not like I haven't driven front wheel drive cars. I have owned two of them as my daily drivers for a total of 14 years. I am done with front wheel drive except if rears are also driven. :)

    Something else I noticed about RW vs FW driven cars. My S197 stang turns around in less room than my 97 Probe did. And the stang is a bigger car. My 01 Ranger pickup turns tighter than the probe did as well. Must have something to do with the lack of CV joints.
  19. I'm guessing that you've never driven a Fox Mustang before your S197 then. For a small car, those suckers have the turning radius of a full size pick up truck. People aren't power sliding them around corners all of the time because they want to....they do it because they'd have to pull a 3-point turn otherwise. :D
  20. Any car with 4 doors is a POS...hmmm.

    1. Subaru STi
    2. Mitsubishi Evolution
    3. Pontiac G8 GT/GXP
    4. BMW M5
    5. Most of the Mercedes AMG line
    6. Jaguar XFR
    7. Aston Martin Rapide
    8. Ford Taurus SHO
    9. Audi RS4/RS6

    Ironically, all of these "POSes" have 4 doors and will run down a 2005-2009 GT either in a straight line or in the corners. Sounds like you just have a case of sour grapes to me. :shrug:
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