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  1. read the Road and Track from a couple months ago. Mustang vs Camaro vs Challenger. Mustang-solid rear axle. Camaro and Challenger-IRS. Every tester liked the Mustang the best. Because a solid rear is the best set-up ? No, because Ford has been building the Mustang for almost 50 years, they got it figured out.

    No system is best for every scenario. I know the 3 link has it's drawbacks, but overall, for straight line, cornering, ride and maintenance, it's pretty close to being perfect.
  2. Ok, ok, I know, I already replied to him, but please, let's not feed the troll. This guy is just ridiculous. I sincerely hope he's really not as asinine as he's leading us all to believe, and he's only playing a late April Fools joke on us.

    Guys like this guy tend to be lightning rods for arguments, and then lead to valued members receiving infractions or bans when we "slip" and pay them attention. Debating and trying to reason with people like him is a lost cause, my friend.
  3. yeah for the price range. the irs would also add more weight. and these cars are already pretty heavy. although the S.S. Challenger. [S.S. in boat terms] and the big ass camaro are hefty too.

    the mustang is so simple. its a platform for everyone to build off of. its cheap compared to the chrysler and gm opponents. so more money to modify. us ford guys always are willing to modify haha.
  4. :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:

    He sure was a sour bastard in that movie, wasn't he? :rlaugh:
  5. haha i know, i should let it go. just certain things annoy me. i work at a GM dealership and i hear about mustang owners all day. but its not all mustang owners in general, its ones like him. they know its not everyone of them. just like we all know all camaro owners don't have mullets, i think at least.:D
  6. a good car is like a tool. I wouldn't try to pound in a nail with a screwdriver. Nor would I try to remove a micro screw in my Rolex with my 32 oz framers hatchet. That video of Ken Block is amazing, the WRX is the perfect tool for what he was doing.
  7. I'm going to comment on the 2010 Mustang because I feel that overall, the engineering is superior to that of the 2005-2009 models. With the 2010, they seemed to improve on some of the shortcomings of the 2005-2009 models; mainly the interiors.

    I've never even given Mustangs a glance, nor have they ever been a possible prospect until the 2010s came out, and when I drove one, I loved it. My first thought, and this is no bull, was, "This car right here is why Ford didn't need the bailout." No bull.

    Prior to my drive in a 2010 Mustang, I had the misfortune of sitting in a brand new Camaro. What a steaming pile of garbage it was. While the interior was nicely styled and the seats were comfortable, the materials shouldn't weren't even worthy of being in a 1986 Honda Accord. :notnice:
  8. we LOVE to modify, the more money I have to spend on the car, the more willing I am. But car guys are car guys, Ford, Chevy, Mopar, Subaru, whatever. Most of us are brand loyal for one reason or another. But they're all good in the hands of a car guy (my wife is a self professed car guy, no sexism here). I love em all, just love Mustangs a little more.
  9. How many people walk up to a guy in a Subaru and say, "Nice car?" At least 5 times out of 10. At least, they seem to be the numbers when I'm filling up the tank, and yeah, I live in "Redneckville, USA." "Thumbs up?" Same thing. Plenty of'em.

    I guess there are just a whole ton of people out there with bad taste for those Japanese icons. :rolleyes:

    Now, the 2007+ Subarus...that's another story.

    FWIW, my head stopped swiveling at 2005-2009 Mustangs about 4 weeks after they came out. After seeing my first 1000 of them, the shock value wore off a bit.

    Lastly, the dealer where I got my STi is also a Ford dealer. I came home in the World-Rally Blue STi that was parked next to the Torch Red 2005 Mustang GT. I'm the guy that didn't take the Mustang. ;)

    Priorities were priorities. My priorities were not only a car that I could drive in all weather, but one that would stick it to anything in or near its price-range. The only other car in its price-range that would give it a run for its money was an Evo. I'm fully confident I made the right decision in leaving with the World Rally Blue 4-door.
  10. I am a car guy. I am not brand-loyal. I like what I like, and I go to whoever has what I feel is the best product in the market that I'm shopping. Years ago, I was "Mr. Chevy." Nowadays, I'm "Mr. Whoever Has the Best."

    I own a Camaro and I own an STi; two entirely opposite ends of the spectrum. Ask me which one I like more, and I'm going to reply to you with, "At what?" If I wanna go out and cruise the strip, or maybe go "hunting," I take the Camaro. If I wanna go out for a spirited, balls-out adrenaline rush of a drive, the STi is my weapon of choice; different tools for different jobs. I'm not going to use a scalpel to carve my steak, and I'm not going to use a steak-knife to cut along the dotted lines.

    BTW, my wife and I also purchased a 2009 Audi A3 2.0T Quattro back in January, and that was my suggestion. So, what am I? I dunno. I guess I'm just a Heinz 57 when it comes to cars. I really, really do like them all. Yep, I'm the weirdo with 3 cars that are total polar opposites. :nice:
  11. btw your "all american" mustang has the majority of its components made in other countries, just saying calling a car American or Japanese does not mean much anymore.
  12. OK.... I must chime in. Japanese cars ARE piles of ****. Does that make them slow? No, but they are tin cans wrapped around ****ty parts, period. Now as far as the WRX STi and all that, the Mustang has a greater potential for HP and performance than the Suburu... hell, than ANY Japanese car, not that the Subaru is slow and it WILL be faster offroad, but that doesn't make it a better car. The aftermarket for the Mustang is bigger than ALL of the import aftermarket put together. It is just hands down the best bang for your buck. My '09 Mustang Premium with the glass roof and hands free voice and all the gizmos was $32,000. I have about $8500 into it putting me at cresting the $40,000 range. Although that is a LOT of money, how many 600 HP (534 rwhp) imports do you see running around on pump gas, BRAND NEW with only 2500 miles on them for less than $40K? Plus, my car looks a HELL of a lot better than a Puparu.

  13. Sorry dude, this is nothing personal really, so don't take offense....

    That is a TYPICAL ricer response. Not all MADE in America? NOTHING is all made in America, or Japan, or England or Germany... but the profits are. If you buy a Puparu, you are filling the pockets of some fat Japanese businessman. If you buy a Mustang, you are filling the pockets of the overpayed union workers. I choose the least of two evils, Ford.
  14. Ignorance sure is bliss, isn't it?

    So, Japanese cars are crap wrapped around tin. Yeah, that's why Lincoln outsells Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura, right?

    Oh, wait, that's right. We're just getting started. So, a Mustang has better potential than any Japanese car, right? Yeah, the 4.6L block will hold 800 hp on a stock bottom end like a 2JZ-E out of a Supra TT, right? And let's not forget the Nissan GT-R, or even the previous Skyline engines.

    Yes, and congratulations on showing your lack of maturity; "Puparu." :rolleyes: Grow up, kid. And I'd hate to break your balls, but a Mustang modified to its max will never handle as well as an STi modified to its max.

    You can go sit down now, but before you do, you wouldn't mind posting that "534 whp" dyno sheet for us, would you?

    But here's what scares me the most. I looked up your profile and saw that you are in the Armed Forces in "Special Ops?" Don't take this the wrong way, as I appreciate the service of all our ladies and gentlemen who put their lives on the line to serve this country, but I strongly sympathize with those in your platoon who are forced to trust you with their lives. If they only knew...
  15. I honestly can't believe that you just said this. I am just stating an opinion. If you get your panties all in a bunch because of a simple post, then who is the kid? By the way, I am 36, a Master Sergeant in the Army and have led troops to victory without ANY deaths in my platoon in 19 different countries. What have you done? The point is, when you flame someone like me for my opinion of craptastic piece of shiet Japanese hulks of scrap-metal, then it makes YOU look like the idiot. Good job. And the last comment.... that makes me laugh. Are we gunna start "your momma" jokes too?

    Maturity is the ability to accept other people opinions without trying to force your own or putting the other guy down. You fail at this.
  16. Any moderators. I believe this to be a flagrant personal attack and I don't accept this kind of behavior on any forum. I request that a PM be sent with the regulations of the forum to TOP SPEED. Thank you.
  17. I dont agree with cycosarges comment on the imports....... but, Topspeed I like you man, but what the hell was that comment about !! Being a Vet myself, I got to say I was completely offended by what you said brotha. This Master Sargeants views on automobiles has nothing to do with his role in the Armed Forces. Special Ops at that !!!

    You have no Idea the hell over in the middle east and let me tell you one thing, you can bet your ass his men trust him to the fullest with their lives.....thats what you have to do !!! Apologize man, really...that aint cool and you were way out of line.
  18. I'm sure the next step you take will probably be the "your mama" jokes. You want to talk about insulting people? Let's quote your attack on BDCardinal. Here it is, word for word:

    "Sorry dude, this is nothing personal really, so don't take offense....

    That is a TYPICAL ricer response. Not all MADE in America? NOTHING is all made in America, or Japan, or England or Germany... but the profits are. If you buy a Puparu, you are filling the pockets of some fat Japanese businessman. If you buy a Mustang, you are filling the pockets of the overpayed union workers. I choose the least of two evils, Ford."

    You know nothing about cars, and every time I read over one of your posts, I feel dumber for having done so. You want to talk about me having a problem with disagreeing with someone, yet it was YOU who attacked BDCardinal for his opinion. People in glass houses, slick...

    I apologize if you're offended SS02. I got ahead of myself, and I did exactly what I warned others about; feeding trolls.

    I'm glad he likes his Mustang; really, I am. I'm sure it'll last him half as long as my foreign piece of crap will last me. For being "built of tin," it sure is funny how they're the foreign cars with the excellent reliability records, close panel gaps, interior materials that are devoid of sharp edges, higher quality plastics, and the solid "thump" sounds their doors make when closed. Unlike domestics, they don't sound like they have empty beer cans behind the door panels when you close their doors. Don't even get me started on their warranties. It's a fact that most of these foreign companies are offering longer warranties on their products, undoubtedly because they have a higher confidence in them.

    And no surprise he dodged the challenge to post his 534 rwhp dyno sheet, too. Gotta wonder...
  19. This ones done fellas.....time to move on. :lock:
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