I'm in love!

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  1. I've decided once I pay the stang off, I'm gonna buy a hayabusa. I was at the bike show this weekend and I'm sold. The bike weighs only 470lbs and has more power than my stang stock. I'm going to sign me a donor card tommorrow! :D
  2. ooo ooo i wanna die too!
  3. please tell me you've ridden bikes before. everyone says to start off with a smaller bike, like 650cc, to get used to for a while, and something that will take a lot of punishment, because you'll drop it a few times.
  4. Hell no I've never ridden before, but I have driven a scooter! Does that count, oh I guess I've driven a quad once or thrice. And no I won't drop it, I may hit a few things but drop it never.
  5. only driven a scooter, huh? lol Could you will me your tlok and gears?
  6. yea, it was nice knowing you.
  7. Don't those things top out at like 170ish?
  8. maybe you should save up some more money and get one of those Y2K bikes, like Jay Leno has. You know, the one with a helicopter turbine for an engine. I hear they haven't found the top speed yet.

    The test driver chickened out at like 250 or so.....
  9. Ooh! Kill me too! Kill me!!!!! :D
  10. Hyabusa for your first bike??? Bad idea. Everyone's like.. haha, donor card... but seriously, that's not a good idea. I want a bike really bad, but I realize that anything faster than a 600 or so is ridiculous for a first bike, unless you like eating through a straw. I mean, who needs something better than low 11's for a first bike (GSX-R600 :))???
  11. I was even considering the GSX-1000R but for a few hundred extra you get the 1300R, Seriously I know everyone says you'll kill yourself. I'm not an irrisponsible teenager anymore, and I know not all teens are irresponsible so save the hatred. I just like the fact that I know I have that kinda power if I want it, I would definately check out the power on the highway someday, but like hell I would take it to 180mph. maybe ~110, I would take it up to what I think I could handle, but mostly I would use it to boot around the city. Anyways, I gotta pay the car off first which is still a little while.
  12. Don't be an idiot. Start off with a 250 if it fits you, if you're too big for it get an underpowered 650. Do some searches on www.sportbikes.net, ALL the pro riders will rip you a new one for being such a moron as to get a big bike for your first. YES, you will drop it...YES, you will lose control.....YES, there's an excellent probability of you killing yourself within a short time after you take possession of the bike. Take the MSF course first, buy good gear, and get a small bike to learn on. I can't give you any better advice. :)

    BTW, I hope you're an organ donor....there's a long waiting list for organs, you'll shorten it by a little. :)

  13. you should get in then turbocharge it so u can do 220 :)
  14. I agree take a saftey course then maybe find someone who has a 600cc or so and try that I'm sure that will satisfy your need for quite some time. be safe dude.

  15. My dad has a '02 Busa and it has a turbo and tonz of other mods. I think he is running like 12 lbs of boost right now but he just took it apart and is adding a few more things so he can turn the boost up. He said it should be at about 300 RWHP when he gets it running again!! Before he took it apart he ran in in the quarter and it ran a 9.04 at like 150 something.
  16. That was my mistake guys, he was only running 9 lbs of boost when he was running the low 9's
  17. I couldn't imagine how scary it'd be to run that fast on a motorcycle. It looks like those guys are about to fly off the seat after each shift.
  18. Yeah I plan on the motorcycle safety course before I buy one, and yes my organ donor card will be in my back pocket. :D I would be willing to go down to a 750 maybe! But that is it, I have a need to do over 100mph with a motor between my legs!


    you should get in then turbocharge it so u can do 220

    I like that Idea!! :nice:
  19. c'mon everyone, leave GREEN alone. he's right anyway, i really doubt he'll drop his bike, **** he probably doesn't even need a safety course. i agree with GREEN 100%. go get that bad ass bike dude.

    besides, to achieve all the aforementioned things in this forum you'd be lucky. 100mph, dropping your bike, hell even donating organs. if you even live long enough to accomplish those three you're terribly lucky. i say terribly lucky because once you feel that you've gotten good, thats when bad **** happens; you start to relax. you're gonna die playa.

    you need to find a buddy with a dirtbike and get the 250cc **** down right first. so 1000cc, LMFAO big man, you'll drop that in an intersection, but a 1300, dude do you even have the slightest idea how hard those bikes are to turn. thats a open road bike.

    best of luck to ya mah man, i'm sifting through the forums to see if you're this stupid all the time, but once again...........best of luck. personally i think you should practice with a bicycle and baseball card or two in the spokes just to break you in very slowly. once ya got that down, strap a 100lb back pack to your back and practice that for a lil while.