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  1. Very nice, my dad has an '02 turbo busa as well on 11 pounds of boost it made exactly 300 to the rear wheel so you dad should see alittle more. Which turbo does he have on it?
  2. Since I have tested it out and other bikes as well, I could see how some would say it is a heavier bike, hard to turn, etc. as compared to other crotch rockets. I am a big guy though, 6' 2" 225Lbs, I find it a perfect fit for my own body frame. I find other bikes to small, so as far as dropping it, I doubt it, as far as killing my self, possibly. If other professional/experienced types think I'm stupid for doing it, there just jealous cause I have a better bike. :D

    And by testing it out I mean I have sat on them, not driven them.

    OK, here is my thinking, what if you got a lambo for your 16th birthday, Hypothetical, Now seeing as it is your first car, you probably would crash it and kill yourself. I'm sure you all agree, and blame your parents for you being a spoiled rich little ****nit. Now if you knew you were a spoiled rrich little bastard, and you drove it like a granny till you got used to it and kept it in good condition, it may last you a long time, right?? I mean yes you have that kinda of power, but you don't need to use it. build your confidence up and be responsible. As far as a holes on the road, there is nothing you can do, there is always some dumb **** that will cause an accident and nothing you can do, hopefully your not on a bike when it happens.
  3. motorcycles and cars are two totally different things in my opinion, lol and most here will agree you cant "granny" a hayabusa, dont be hard headed listen to a few of the others on here, start small and work your way up
  4. Please don't tell me you got this idea from that Ghostrider video on the net.

    Get what you want, just make sure that if you wipe out the only person that bites the dust is you.
  5. I know nothing of a ghostrider video...what is it??

    I have been to the local bike show for the last couple of years and been looking at bikes, it is just that this year I decided that I may get one. There so cheap, I can't pass up cheap speed!
  6. Dude, you're gonna die. Take it from a rider....you have no clue. You'll go into a corner too hot and hit the brakes...instant lowside. Or you'll get cocky and try gassing out of a corner...1300cc's of Japanese power is no joke. Youll spin out and if you're LUCKY you'll stay on the throttle long enough to lowside....but more than likely you'll let off and highside. Either way, I give you a month before you're in the hospital or dead.

    Even if you DO hop on and respect the power enough to survive, You're gonna drop it....buy a used 600 and spend a good 500 bucks on gear (not including the helmet)...you're going to need it.

    Oh, and you'll only go down to a 750 because you have to be able to do 100? That very comment shows just how clueless you are. Do you have any idea what the modern 600 supersport bikes are capable of? Apparently not. 160 easily.

    Don't do it.
  7. your an idiot, plain and simple
  8. Don't worry I'll invest in a good solid helmet! :rlaugh:

    I do know that the 600 have some pretty good power as well, I have rode on a 750. I just want that extra top end power and torque that the hayabusa has. Hell I don't even mind getting a smaller bike for a while to learn on but I will get that 1300 once I'm comfortable with it, those are just beautiful bikes. :nice: Plus I have watched the speed channel, I learned enough from watching the bike races on tv.Just kiddiing, don't take me serious, you people are too serious, lighten up/get laid.

  9. :nonono:

    You'll figure it out...
  10. Rest in pieces, Greenbioch.
  11. I probably wont be in this forum anytime soon again ( although I find some of the LX 6cly time quite nice :nice: ) but dude, think about it. Im not going to say anything different than youve already heard from others. Have fun dropping that heavy azz bike and wobbling around trying to hold it, youre going to impress alot of riders with that. And if someone should poke fun? Show them what youre made of! That bike is the fastest stocker out there! -- dont do it -- be very conservative like and old- and I mean an "uncool old" bike for your first. Dont be one of those guys whos dying to impress people. No one really cares anyways.
  12. anyone wanna take odds? of him living a month?
  13. I'll give him two. I'm sure he'll start out seriously trying not to do anything stupid, but eventually the power will just be too tempting.
  14. I'm not well verses in bike (brands/terms) but a dude I used to work with had some type R or Ram Air bike don't remember what brand, but it was a sweet bike, and another dude wanted to ride it, he's rode bikes before, took it out for a spin and when he shifted into second lifted the front wheels, shifted to 3rd same thing, oddly enough it happened again goin in to 4th, even for an experience rider a sport bike can get scary for you. Ya'll should ask 98CobraClone about motorcycles that get hit by idiots in cars that don't pay attention, and yes that is not the responsibility of the rider, but then again, you have that much more to pay attention to. And yes I've contemplated getting a bike, and still partially thinking about it, but i'll stick to 135 in a stang versus hangin my butt in the wind
  15. Suzuki GSX-"R" ? is what u talking bout? that would be a hayabusa which is a Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa ;) they also have the 600, 750, and the 1000 but ya.....imma start out on a 600 i like the Yamaha R6...i just know i would get testy with the 1300 and kill myself so id think id stop at 1000 if i even go that high....its bout having fun not showing off I MEAN COME ON GUYS RIDING IN THE SUN ALL DAY WIT FRIEND VS RACING AT 170+ AND KILLING YOURSELF...i think that says enough...its crazy the amount of power that thing has but still if i want speed ill go wit a car where im alittle bit safer but if i wanna just cruise and pick up on some hunnies u know what ill be riding....peace
  16. by the way lifting the front wheel on goverment roads is illegal, you don't have to do this every time. When i was 15 my dad got me a 250 2 stroke dirbike, and if any of you know much about dirtbikes this is just about the top of the line for 2 strokes. Ne ways the thing will top out well over 100, I had never riddin a motor bycicle of any sort before this. It took me about a week just to figure out the clutch. I definately didn't push it until i had been riding for about a month. Even then I never reached the top speed, until one day i went out with some friends and tried to show off on the road. By this time i was comfortable on the bike and made out ok.

    Moral of the story! The only time your going to get in trouble folks is if you try to push it before you know how to handle it, as long as you take it easy and become real comfortable your going to be ok. A smart person would never push a bike like that. I take Green to be one of these "smart people." He will make out just fine on this bike as long as he doesn't try to be a dumbass and show off before he got teh skeelz...

    good luck man :nice:
  17. Finally someone that agrees with me, Hell I know there is stupid people out there but I ain't one of them. At least not yet! I don't thinkI'll be revving the **** out of it and pooping the clutch just to impress someone. I really like the GSX 1300, it is a sweet bike, The only one I want to impress is myself.

    Put me down for a hundred, I give myself 6 months without incident.
  18. I give you one damn day before incident. You've never ridden a bike before, and you are starting off with a powerful, heavy behemoth. You said you're not going to put the bike down. That is a LIE. I don't care how careful you are, if you've never rode a street bike before you're going to put it down several times. A bike is totally different animal from a car, you have to be 100% aware of everything going on around you. Do yourself, and your family a favour, don't get a busa. It costs a lot of money for a funeral nowadays.
  19. PEACE, people! :nono: It's a MOTORCYCLE, not a fragmentation grenade! I have a friend who has a Busa and I do have the utmost respect for this machine. As for all the rhetoric about "a big, heavy bike" anything bigger than a 250 weighs 350-450 lbs, the Busa weighs 478. Hell, some of the big cruisers weigh 700-800 lbs, are you gonna rip him a new one for buying one of those?!?
    YES a Busa WILL kill you if you are an idiot, but so will your Stang, no? Ever done anything stupid in your Stang and got lucky enough to live to tell about it? I thought so. Anyone mature enough to have grown a brain larger than than their penis and control a high-performance car should know enough to learn gradually the performance envelope of a motorcycle and grow the skills to ride it to a level of performance they enjoy.
    I am going to buy a Hyabusa in the near future, and I have occasional and limited experience riding cycles in the past. As a Stang driver I know that as soon as I feel I am comfortable with a wheeled vehicle, I want more-any of you relate to that, or are all these mod posts a pile of bull****? I have no desire to buy a $10000 bike to practice on (which any even smaller performance bike is close to) and want another better $10000 bike six months later.
    Flame if you wish, but lighten the **** up!

    P.S.- I'm 46 years old, BELIEVE me the testosterone levels are not raging, just ask my wife! :)

    P.P.S.- For $10,275 I am going to ride out of the parking lot on something that will do 0-150 in less than 10 seconds and top out at a factory-LIMITED 186 MPH, as well as out-perform a $600,000 Ferrari Enzo. How much are any of you going to spend to still not match that level of performance?!?
  20. While I agree with just about everything in that last post, I don't understand what exactly is meant by that last statement. Are you comparing spending money for performance on a car, as compared to the 0-60 times on a bike? If so, you're comparing apples to oranges there. I personally would never consider riding a bike around here as there are too many idiots aloowed to be on the road in NYS. I love the Stang, and if I choose to get more out of her, then so be it. I'm not worried about beating every motor vehicle out on the road today. That's not my intention.