I'm in love!

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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/haya...643385396QQcategoryZ50030QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    What exactly are they jealous of... your bike that costs under 5K that they could go out and buy tomorrow?

    What everybody has been saying is right- start small, it makes so much sense just to start small- if you do it right, you won't loose any money, and hopefully you won't die. Buy a 250 and ride for a while, then get a 600/650 and ride a while then move to the busa maybe- and when you get comfortable quit riding, period. And it is riding season, so you will be able to ride anytime.

    But if you do get anything ... I'll be jealous, my parents won't let me.
  2. Well said. Yes, it is comparing apples to oranges, whereas I'm comparing the thrill of performance to the thrill of performance. To each his own, but very few of us only enjoy performance in a Mustang, we would get a woody driving a Viper or Ferrari and generally enjoy going fast. Would most of us give our left nut to drive a fighter jet just once before we die? Maybe!
    I'm not saying anyone has to be the fastest thing on the road, I'm just saying that if you love high performance and dig bikes then you can enjoy probably the next best thing to flying an F-18 Tomcat for $10000, and keep the testicle!:eek:
    As for bang for the buck, for ten grand I can either buy the engine I want for my car and still need another twenty grand to finish the car of my dreams, or spend it on the Busa and not spend another dime! I think I'll enjoy the bike rather than always work on the car. :)
  3. All in All, It has been two Years since the post, where is GREENBIOCH now-is he still ALIVE ????? Give us an Update on your GSX 1300........

  4. I honestly didn't notice that... he's gotta be dead.