I'm in market for WB 02s

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Methodical, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Thats how I did mine, this website helped me.

  2. I think I understand what you are asking :shrug:

    This is a rude & crude explanation of a wb as I see it

    You got three basic parts
    1 O2 sensor
    2 Interface
    3 Display

    The O2 is different from oem O2's in the form of its wider band of accurate operation.

    The interface or Controller takes the data from the O2. It converts it some how to something that is more acceptable for display use. This box also supplys an analog output that can be used for your Tweecer input.

    The display is needed to view the results. The display for my FJO is about the size of a pack of cigs with the digital values viewed from one end.

  3. you cant just run the sensor right to the tweecer. you need a control box. like any unit thats been mentioned so far. why would someone spend 200+ if you could just use the $35 vw sensor and run it straight thru the tweecer?:shrug:
  4. One more thing to add Greg

    You could omit the display.

    Well ... at least on mine ... I don't have one connected :D