im in need of advice...

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  1. alright boys/girls, i need some help

    today i was struck with the realization that my plans, any plans that i might had or will have in the near future are being screwed up

    ill try to keep it general where i can..

    basically i need a f'n paint job, like a really good one. my drivers side door is starting to flake off to the bare metal right at the window, its small now but i dont think its gunna stop. the rest of the cars paint is less than desirable. the person who i got the car from appears to have given it a quick spray, after 2 yrs its starting to show. this unfortunately is gunna set me back a good fuggin 4k. this unfortunately needs to take precedence over any modding because i refuse to roll around in a car thats supposed to be nice but is rusting.

    4k is a lot of money to just waste on something so ridiculous as this, i would have liked to use this money towards an engine swap, but unfortunately that isnt possible for me

    do i bend over at the dealership on a trade in for a newer year gt? wtf do i do, i just dont know anymore and it pisses me off to see the paint on the car get worse every month when i had plans for it

    if more info is required i will be happy to share...

    some of you may chime in saying this would be a good opportunity to take the decals off my car, however this thread is intended to be a little more serious
  2. advice...
    stop worring about all show, and put all that money on all go!
  3. i see where ur comming from but i cant sacrifice the outward appearance of the car, if i believed otherwise i would have gotten a different car...
  4. drive it all the way over here by st.louis and ill paint it for $100 if you buy the supplies...
  5. mmm 18-23 hr drive :drool:

    thats awesome of you but thats quite a long drive, i did it with my marching band (to indianapolis tho) it was murder lol
  6. lol i figured id offer, college ends in a couple weeks so our booth will be shut down until next fall.
  7. craaaaap :(

    thanks for the offer, i appreciate it :nice:
  9. i believe thats with 2 a's :rolleyes:

    should i wait out the next 3 years to paint it? im in college however i cant imagine what itd look like after 3 more yrs...
  10. how can you compare driving ur stang to being in a bus with a marching band? 18-23 hour drive you can do nonstop.
  11. You could probably get away with a paint job for $1500. Who the fu*^ wants $4000? Sounds like anal rape to me.
  12. 4k is waaaay to much i painted my hood front and rear bumpers, side scoops and spoiler for less than $500. go to a body shop and ask the guy if he does any work on the side. that will cut the labor rate in half if not more. then buy your own supplys.
  13. thats not a bad idea, i cant wait for these next three weeks to get over and done with

    the problem with people doing work on the side is that i dont want my car to be sitting there for weeks on end tho
  14. Ya, try to find a reputable guy that does it, but not for a company. It can take a few weeks sometimes, but it is usually much cheaper, and often better quality, since they are worried about their reputation.
  15. I have a friend that does painting for a large dealership here...if I were you, I'd take the cheap way out and search for a friend or someone who knows someone that would be willing to do it on the side for you. That way you're paying a heck of a lot less and they're also able to make all the profit... Just a thought! :)
  16. yea you can get a good paint job for 1500$

    I cant remember who this was but i clearly remember him saying he payed 1500$ for this brand new paint job: