I'm in the Top 25!!!

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  1. Wow. This is the coolest thing that has ever happened to me I think! I can't even type fast enough. I'm so excited at the possibility that I could actually win this beast now! Anyway, I need the biggest favor that I could EVER ask andy of you all:

    You HAVE to vote for me! I'm the one that's NOT a Mustang. The only picture there that doesn't have an acutal Mustang in the picture.

    I'm sure we are all aware that the voting is ten days long from the 18th to the 28th and you can only vote once per person, per day. Nonetheless, the only other dude on TMS that I'm aware of that made it is Blue Notch on TMS. I honestly thought for sure that more people on TMS would make it into the top 25. Did anyone here make it besides me? I've been reading some of the entries and I've got to say... ewww.

    You would think that grammer and spelling and the obvious things like, "I sold the car later because the engine was too small," would NOT make it into the Top 25 but I'm not complaining too much. I know it would have made for a much worse loss if I got beat out by the like of those entries. I'm sorry to all those who submitted and could actually write but didn't make it in. I've NEVER actually made it this far in ANY contest I've ever entered. And of all the contests to win, this would be the one I want!

    My biggest and sole concern is the fact that I'm still in Iraq and will be on the day of the LAIAS on the 19th. I won't personally be able to make it to LA, but with the generosity of the sponspors, maybe they will let my family go in my place. It's a shame. I wish above all wishes that I could be home now, much less in November for the unveiling.

    No matter the outcome, I will never forget this day and I thank those of you who vote for me. God Bless. :flag:
  2. Whoa man slow down got a link?
  3. Alright dude got my vote today.

    EDIT: I hope you win bro!
  4. Thanks everyone. You guys are all awesome! Keep it coming... :D
  5. What part of Kentucky?
  6. I tried to enter but my computer screwed up when I submitted it. I tried to resubmit it but Ford said I already had. I never saw mine on the site. So I'm pretty peeved. Mine was pretty good too. But alas, I'll just have to help those who ask haha. And being I'm Navy, you can't say we don't get along with our army brethren. Also, I grew up just north of Daytona so I can buy off on this.
  7. congradulations man I am also in the top 25. The yellow S197 GT.

    Good Luck and God Bless You.
  8. I'm in the top 25 too. Actually I think you read mine. It is the one that mentions how I sold my first mustang because the engine was too small. You have a good story, good luck to you. Just not too sure why you have to bash every other finalist?
  9. ufnavy06 ,

    Same thing happened to me when I entered a month ago. I even got an email thanking me for my entry... but cannot find it. Irritated at the least...
  10. I hope you were the one who won, please let us know. Come back home safe and thank you for everything you guys doing for this country. Be safe.
  11. I think the guy won!

    Good Job Stangnet!!! And Congratulations!