I'm Looking For a Deep Loud Exhaust..Need Some Help!!

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  1. Guys iv been looking for a whole 2 weeks now for what exhaust set up to go with while im waiting for my car to be built, my previous mustang had a very deep and very loud exhaust and i loved it and i got tons of compliments on it so i am looking for a similar set up. from all the clips i have heard online the magnaflow competition axle back and bassani race axle back are the closest i have heard to loud and deep

    i wanna know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions, thanks!
  2. I have the Borla exhaust and it's pretty deep and I love the sound and volume. It's one you should check out. You might like it.
  3. Here's a video of the Stainless Work's cat-back with stock headers, I think it sounds great.

    And here's a video of their full system.

  4. i like the borla-s but the atak is too raspy for me
  5. stainless works is raspy i need something deep less rasp but loud
  6. anybody got the bassani race axle backs or magnaflow competition axle or cat back???
  7. I've got the Roush axle-backs... they are really loud on the outside of the car, but pretty quiet inside. It sounds nearly stock cruising down the road, but gets rowdy when you step on the gas. They are perfect for what I needed.
  8. I went with Pypes Pype bomb. Cheapest out there and sound great. Although I still wish I went the route of my 07 GT with just straight pipes. I heard someone do that with this new 5.0 and it rawks in my opinion. A muffler shop should be able to straight pipe you for under $300
  9. these are the magnaflow competition axle backs. this is what i have on my mustang. skip all the way to 2:20 on the video

  10. I have them too. Awesome!!

    Side note: I wish my car would bark the tires in a roll-on 1st or 2nd, 3rd gear shift. I have the Brembo wheels/tires and they just squirm and GO! LOL
  11. Bassani vs. Magnaflow

    I've got the Bassani race axle-back, and my good friend has the magnaflow comp cat-back. He also has ARH long tubes (1-7/8 primaries) w/ o/r x-pipe. In comparison, the Bassani is much deeper, but took ~1000 miles for them to really open up. They were pretty quiet right after install (this is typical of most glass pack style mufflers. I'm pretty sure they are broken in now, and have a fairly loud and deep tone through 4k RPM, after that, the coyote just screams :D

    For the magnaflow comp's, with just the cat-backs & stock every thing else, they sounded pretty good, but were higher pitched, and louder than the Bassani's at first. Then we added the ARH long tubes & o/r x-pipe, and the exhaust note got really high pitched, and really loud. Also, it cackles A LOT on decel. Now, I'm a big fan of cackle, but his set-up has way too much for me. To give you an idea, when he stomps on it, it sounds like a medium displacement, high revving race car, not a low-end torque, deep exhaust muscle car.

    I've got a really good feeling that once I get long tubes, o/r x-pipe or h-pipe (cant decide), and full mid pipes, the Bassani's will be much louder while keeping the deep note.

    Also, I've heard the magnaflow comp axlebacks on another '11 5.0L, and it sounded great as well, loud and deep, but if you're planning on getting axle backs now, and then expanding to the rest of the exhaust later, I recomment the Bassani race axlebacks. I love my exhaust note, and it sounds like we've got the same interests in sound. Just know that they will be kinda quiet for the first couple hundred miles, but they keep getting louder and louder every time you drive it :nice:

    I think I've got everything in here lol, but feel free to PM me if you have more Q's.
  12. I forgot something lol

    The Bassani's are extremely smooth right after install, and open up like described above. Right now, I'd say its moderately raspy, but not too much for a muscle car.

    I'd post vids of the two, but the sound quality of the one's I have sucks. I'll try to take some better vids of the two setups described above this weekend.

    'Cuz its Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday! HAHA
  13. What comes after Friday? :lol:
  14. were the magnaflow comp axle backs louder than your bassani axle backs?
  15. Yes, the magnaflow comp axle backs are louder. I think that those are just straight pipes, which work well with the stock exhaust, but won't be very good building up a complete exhaust over time. Just my $0.02

    On another note, here's a vid of my car w/ the Bassani Race Axle-Backs...
    YouTube - 2011 5.0 Bassani Race Axle-Back
  16. Hello everyone,
    On my 2012 I'm thinking about 3" o/r X-pipes w/ Borla atak. Will this be loud? Before I had a 2001 gt w/ o/r x-pipe and flowmasters 40 series and it was just perfect.
    Any ideas ?
  17. FRPP Sport

    I put FRPP Sport axle-backs on my 2012 GT. Very nice rumble but a bit loud. They never get raspy or harsh. But, while they don't drone, you can pretty much hear the exhaust all the time.

    The best part is that when down-shifting they burble, crackle and pop!

    Highly recommended.
  18. I was looking at the Pypes Bomb also. Good to hear an owner who enjoys his. :nice:
  19. In my opinion Borla is by far the best. It is designed so you dont get the annoying drone at highway speeds. It has the best sound but it is more expensive but i feel u get what u pay for.
  20. The exhaust note is purely subjective to the listener! I am running the axle back Flowmasters
    with my 2012 5.0 and to me, they have a great sound. Can be quiet around the Cops but really
    open up and 'scream' when under throttle. No harsh interior noise and yes, you get the pops and burbles
    during slow gear changes. No drone experienced unless lugging in 6th on the freeway!!!

    2012, 5.0, BBK CAI, 3:55's and Brembos