I'm New. Question On 1968 Fastback

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  1. Hello everyone. I'm looking at a 1968 fastback j code. It's basically a rolling shell. No motor or transmission. What is this car worth? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. A 67 -68 Fast Back body is getting hard to come by, any pics ?
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  4. here's all I have:)

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  5. Looks rusty... Maybe a grand. I wouldn't pay much for it cause your gonna have to replace a lot by the looks of it. Lots to consider, how are the floor boards? Cowl area? Trunk area? Is there a title for it?
  6. A grand?? You wish dude, the car the OP posted seems no better than these two examples. Rusty, REAL fastbacks still have a lot of value. With all these idiots out there making coupes into fastbacks, this will only drive up the price of the true cars.
    If the OP has the money, go for it. Just be warned that you will need tens of thousands to build your car into the ones you see in magazines and movies. And if you want it done properly with real nos parts, the price just keeps going up. If you want a project, unfortunately the stock of these cars is going down fast, you will have to take what you can find. Importantly it wont be a grand. Also, very important you bring someone who knows these cars with you before you make the purchase.


  7. There's rollers in Maryland and Iowa for decent prices.. they are just all basket cases.
  8. Coupe! Sorry, damn autocorrect
  9. that's right.
    a fastback for 1500? maybe just the roof. LOL
  10. I realize those aren't 68 fastback cars but examples of rusty cars for a grand or so
  11. Ok, fine, yes. however the OP is shopping for a fastback, like the rest of the world. They are not cheap, even for rusty rolling shells. But there is some garbage out there that is not worth anything. the pictures posted look like a fair car to build. But that is why I recommend someone in the know should be present when the purchase is done.
  12. I agree, take someone who has built one and look it over.
  13. With all these idiots out there making coupes into fastbacks

    Hey, i happen to resemble that remark:p. And by the way ,the reason we make coupes into fast backs is because fast backs are so hard to findo_O
  14. Really hard to tell anything from the pics ,but it appears it will need quite a bit of sheet metal replacement . figure the front fenders to be junk ,i do not see doors ,front valance stone deflector and probably a lot more so you are basically looking at just a body .Are there seats ,interior fiberglass ? This all needs to be taken into account . I know a lot of people think its a mustang and its worth a fortune but the parts there have to have some usable value, if not it is a worthless piece and should be viewed as such. For just a body the value is probably in the 2,000- 2,500 s if it is salvageable ,and has a title .look at the floors ,the frame rails ,the cowling inside and out. I would get prices of at least what sheet metal the body by its self needs, and show that to the seller . You will also need to take into account the cost of the panel replacement .If you are not able to do this your self it is very expensive.
  15. You guys just keep making those stupid fakes. In the process you are just driving up the value of the real deals.
  16. I really don't see how building a fast back from a coupe raises the value of a factory fast back . The fact that they are getting harder to find raises the price of a fast back. It is no different than building a custom From a
    coupe ,fast back or a convert . I am simply customizing mine to look like a fast back.
    And what would be the difference in taking a totally rotted out fast back and replacing 75 % of the body ? It is no longer a real fast back with all that aftermarket sheet metal ,only in numbers . I used to be a purist only building concourse cars ,would have never even thought of customizing a mustang, changing the motor or suspension But that is now the trend and i say have fun with it ...
    I have plans for a something else ,how about a fast back Cougar ?
    all i need is a Cougar body.
  17. Well the main reason, this is an example. Your T code coupe, butchered into a fastback will never fetch the value of my REAL A code fastback, all original metal, minus the hood. And I would imagine as time goes on your butchered car might have some corrosion problems from the dissimilar metals welded together. This is just a hunch.
    At a real mustang car get together, where there are more purists than the 'conversion' people. Some of the attendees might say, cool car, too bad its a Fake. This is just my belief from the people I know with these cars.
    This 'Eleanor' thing surely put the fastback craze into people. But the original, period correct fastback is the coolest car on the road. These kids with all the stupid large, 17 and 18 inch wheels and plastic all over, just ruin them. And when I look at your conversion alien thing, I will immediately find the telltale sign of a phony. I understand this is a free country. But if you want to ruin a car with this crap, go get a POS chevy.
    And by the way, a fastback cougar?, whatever.
  18. Well it is not a T code coupe it was a c code coupe to start with . And it was in bad shape for any one that didn't have the ability to repair it . The fact that it is not a real fast back does not bother me as i built it for me and no one else . And i would have to say ,Hardly butchered using the finest sheet metal available .I see you are proud of your A code fast back as you should be ,not many real ones left so what is the harm in making one ?Seems to me Shelby's Cobra didn't start out as a cobra ,it started out as a AC Bristol and he modified it to become the Cobra that we all now know, so should it be considered as a conversion?
    Dissimilar metals welded together is a new one on me though . That would mean any one who has had to replace Sheet metal is looking for failure? And for the values going up ,there has to be someone willing to pay that price .I think you will find that export is the main reason for the high prices and the dwindling useable cars .