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  1. Due to an accident I have found myself in a 1995 Red Convertable V-6. I will post pics tomorrow or this weekend. I am new to this, I have a 4 cyl and am still debating putting a 2.3T in it. I will be asking some noob questions so bear with me please. i am not looking to modify it just yet, I am probably looking for some general maintinence things at first like, oil filter, oil weight (5w30?) anti freeze type. So if anyone is bored and would like to brain storm some things and post them here for me go right ahead.

    So far it looks like I may get better gas mileage out of the 6 than the 4. :nice:

    I know some of you know me from the OT forum, yes I have invaded here too.

    2.73 gears
    t-5 Trans
    open differential
    5w30 oil
    oil filters: Motorcraft - FL400S
  2. As long as you don't keep the gas near the floor, gas milage is good. Some people have gotten 30-32mpg on highway before, which should be even easier with the 2.73 gears. I get about 20 with about 4 miles a day city type and 5 miles highway type a day, but my weighted foot mod can do that :rolleyes: Not to mention, the six gets up alittle quicker than a non-turbo 2.3, but the 2.3T still wins.
  3. I drive 40 miles one way most is 20 expressway @ 70mph and 20 rural highway @ 55-60 mph
  4. welcome to the site :)
  5. You'd probably see a good 22-26mpg as long as you maintain proper driving habits, so you might be able to get well over 300, nearing 400, miles out of a tank of gas. I went 2 weeks with proper driving when I was doing 10 miles city (20-35mph) and 5 miles highway (50-60mph), and managed to get 23-24mpg.
  6. man my 4 cyl sucks on mpg then lol. I am used to 3.73 gears, now the 2.73 is a change, is the Trans still a t-5?
  7. In 95, yes it was still a T5. My 93 got pretty good milage, but it took more pedal to speed up as fast as my sixer. 2.73 is slower than 3.73 (gear swap? 93 manuals came with 3.55 I thought, my auto is 3.73), but your also going from 105hp to 150hp. And some nice 170-180 ft-lbs of torque.
  8. My 93 is an Auto, I will swap a T-5 in that later on.
  9. And use 5w30 oil and I found 2 part numbers for oil filters:
    Mobil 1 Model M1-209; Fram Model PH3600 really your choice, I know some people say just go with fram, why bother spending the extra.
  10. Welcome to the V6 forums. :nice:
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