Im New to the V-6 Forums and the Car too.

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  1. I prefer motorcraft but I will look at these two filters also thanks :nice:
  2. I was going to buy that but the tool did not have a title for it so I told him where to take his stang and store it. I paid $1,000 for the 95 Vert :nice:
  3. Did he try to sell it to you with no title, or did he find out later on that he couldn't find it?
  4. he said that the car was a project car and when I said that id take it he then told me that he had no title and he had to apply for one. That I should wait for it to come in, in my state that proccess takes 4 to 6 weeks, I need a running car now, so I took the day off work (monday) and bought the 95 vert instead of the fox.
  5. I need to install that chiltons CD to my pc to read up on the 95's.

    is the rear carrier a 7.5 inch? and does it have an open differential.
  6. Geeze you all are giving me a list of things that I need to do to this car already.
  7. Got any pics of her?
  8. harro2ubish
  9. :scratch:

  10. Just took them, I am on the tread mill right now so in an hour or so ill post them.

    I dont think anyone answered if the 95 has an open differential and a 7.5 carrier or not.
  11. Sorry, I wouldn't know. I don't know anything about the 98's and below. I'm pretty sure Engage would know. You might get better luck if you post it in the tech area. Good Luck.
  12. hello to you **** :nice:
  13. 7.5" open carrier differential with 2.73 gears.
  14. :( :suicide:
  15. :rlaugh: Pictures are uploading to Photobucket now
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  17. :nice: they look good. you know what you need on that 6'er... some 17" FR500's
  18. I cant stand Low Profile tires, the Gran Damn GT has them and they always look low on pressure to me and it killes me to see it.