Im New to the V-6 Forums and the Car too.

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  1. what TMX said us da troof on the 7.5 rear for your 95 V6. woulda posted earlier but had ta work
  2. LIES! :mad:

    Kid, nice stang :nice: My only complaint are the rims :notnice: Other than that, it looks great. I was surprised how good the interior and the exterior is on an 180,000 car. Nice find.
  3. Thanks :nice:
    I am now wondering if my 93 has 149,000+ or 249,000+ on her. The 6th digit was not placed in the Stangs till 94. I would not be suprised if the 94 is well over 249,000 though.
  4. god dam that would be crasy having 249k miles but aslong as the car runs fine i guess its fine nice car man
  5. 249K on the body but when I get the SVO engine completed it will be like a new toy once again.
  6. it might be a new engine but wat about the rest of the body good luck tho
  7. The body work on the 93 will come in time. I am not too worried about it at all really.
  8. thats cool hope it works out are there any rusts?
  9. Oh I live in Ky this place dont rust anything. I am from michigan where one winter can destroy a undercarriage in one season. I have been in Ky since 1997 and dont have a spot of rust on any of my vehicles. I think it may snow for a week total here in this state.
  10. yea it started snowing here in akron yesterday
  11. we have a few flakes here and threre but i would not call it a real snowfall.
  12. Never snows in Houston. Doesn't seem to rain much last year either, and this year seems to be just as bad so far.