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  1. HI, i went to maroone ford to buy a 2008 shelby cobra GT500, they wanted 85g's :jaw: out the door. are they out of there mind's. for a 500HP mustang.
    i also went to dodge and looked at a srt10 vuper for 85 out the door. and chevy was 20 g's less.
    but i wanted the 600HP motor.
    so i got there business card and started my research. i soon learned that 2009 rouch will have a model that will have 700HP. is it true?
    well any idea what the cost will be?
    i also seen well over 50 GT500's with 500 HP brand new for 45 to 50 g's, now thats reasonable. even the convertable for about the same price.

    i now want the 600Hp or 700HP:nice: motor. any help or guidence would be great.
    thanks for your time,:SNSign:
  2. i wonder why no one has responded yet.
    maybe many don't know much about the subject.
    but rest assured
    i will own a 700 to 800+ Hp stang.
    sorry guy's. i just have to have it.
    i thought since i came to this
    forum, you guys/ girls
    would be more than willing to help guide me. thanks anyway,
  3. I responded to your other post, but you need to give people more information. How much do you want to spend, will it be a daily driver or a track car, do you want to start with a GT, SN97 Cobra, or GT500? To get up to 700 or 800 reliable horsepower you should start with a 03-04 cobra at the very least or a new GT500. To get that out of a GT you would need forged internals, and the aluminum block is not as tough as the iron ones in the SVT cars. The GT500 with an upgraded Kenne Bell or possibly a Whipple blower could get you there, or you could try to find someone with a turbo kit. The stock GT500 blower is capable of 600 hp, you might want to try that and see if you are happy with that.
  4. i just looked at a lingenfelter vette, they have a 1000HP daily driver.
    twin turbo.
    i know there is always someone that is going to have a faster car.,
    but i want 1 that is going to last.
    i hate the speed and rev limitors on many vehicles.
    i'll find 1 when the fall come's, 2009's come out.rouch come's out with there 700HP supercharger motor.
    many will be for sale than, due to a increase of 200 to 500HP, depending on if you bought the 300 or 500hp supercharger.

    the sticker says 45, but the dealership wants 75. there out of there minds..

    now i'll pay 100g's for the 1000HP.
    anyway thanks everyone for your time, i'll be back when i decide what i want.
    my speed shop said buy the 300hp motor and they will build me a monster that will smoke any shelby.
    we shall see.
  5. hi guy's/girls.
    i'm going to make this very simple
    what is a great deal price wise for a 2008 ford mustang GT500 500HP?
    if the sticker say's 47,000 . what should i pay out the door.
    tax tag's title, etc.
    what was the best possible price do you think i can get.
    i'm going by the sticker price.
    do you think i can get it for 42 out the door.
    should i wait till the 2009's come out this fall?

    also what is the speed and rev limitor set at?

    i'm sure you guys all know what speed the stang cuts off at?
    i'm talking about stock ou the dealership door.

    i'm going to buy 1 hopefully this week end if they want to deal.

    if you know of a dealership PM me, and i don't care where it is, i'll do the deal over the phone, and just have them ship it.
    i want the white with the blue stripes. or maybe they have a customized paint job.
    thanks again#1gorilla
  6. hi on ebay there is a 2008 limited edition srs gt 500 js shelby roush sherrod.
    i guess it must be a mistake.

    i am emailing many ford dealership's. for there best prices out the door on the 5.4 gt500. 500hp. in the broshore ford gave me it clearly says optional 600Hp supercharger.
    no one seems to know whats what. i guess since it's the 2008, may sales people ,don't even know what they have to sell. how sad is that.
  7. just researched shelby web site and they do have a 600 to 725HP supercharger tuned motor.
    and ROUSH has a 605HP, and soon to have a 700HP supercharged motor.

    all must be installed by ford.

    i contacted several dealerships they still want over list for the 500Hp motor.

    so until they drop the price, i'll sit and wait.

    i'm in no rush, and i suggest all of you do the same, especially, if it will save you several 1000's. maybe 5g's or more.
    fall isn't that far away! unless you just have to have it now, but i believe you will be sorry if you buy now. wait and save thousand's. and get way more HP & torque. just my 2cent's.
  8. hi can someone with knowledge look at ebay for the2008 shelby gt500 cobra with silver and blackpaint & 626HP being sold by madmax. he wants 55g's for the vehilcle. up graded suspension, exhaust, air intake and throttle body. etc etc etc.
    what do you think????
    let me know so i can but it tommorrrow
    #1 gorilla
  9. hi everyone ,great web site, thanks for all your help.
    all you were so great with all your info, i can't thanks you enough.LOL
    i'm going tommorrow to look at a 2008 gt500 cobra for 47 out the door.
    from what i hear many of you have paid 5g's or more over sticker. plus tax tag's title , etc.
    so i'm getting it for list out the door. if i like it.
    i like the fact the i can test drive the 2008 Z06 vette, the 2008 maxed out viper. but ford for some reason as a governer on the gt500 cobra until 30 miles.
    so how i can i compare the shelby, to the Z06 and the viper.
    if i can't get 1 that i can run it.
    they can keep it!
    i'll just wait for the 625HP 625 pounds of torque vette, OR THE 700hp ROUCH FOR 2009. yes, rouch will release a 700HPsupercharger in 2009. i'll just have the ford dealership install it along with a ll there options, especially these cr's all need to drop a few inches, they are way to high. from what i hear from everyone that knows about these cars. there is also a few other options that will be added.
    see you are moroso in 2009. no matter which 1 i decide on. it will be a beast of beast's.
    i will from time to time, ckeck on this site for info, or maybe i'll be able to help someone. i know of a great speed shop here in south florida PM me, and i'll get you the info. the sky is the limit if you got the flow.
  10. msrp is the going rate on the gt500's right now they might drop when the 09's come out but i doubt it they are not going to make as many of the 09's.the 600-725 hp stang is the supersnake it is done by shelby and there is a limited number they are doing but you have buy the gt500 first and contact shalby automotive and set up turning the 500 into the supersnake.the 600hp version is waranteed but the 725 is not
  11. Is there a sudden glut of GT500's? A local dealer Wareham Ford now suddenly has 1 vert and 3 coupes. Did not check $$$.
  12. Threads like this are interesting...people are shooting for numbers for hp, and my guess is you've really never driven such a car on the road. My GTO w/ >500 rwhp and a superb suspension / brake / etc setup can be very scary, although perfect for rush hour traffic due to stock cam. The car can get >150mph so fast and smooth that you think the speedo is mistaken. When we finally get my '66 'vert finished, I suspect I will begin to break a sweat just thinking about cranking it up. Too much horsepower, actually.

    What are you really hoping to accomplish? VERY few people can actually drive a car on the road w/ 500 rwhp...so bigger numbers end up often being more about bragging than anything.

    On another note, I am glad that these cars are finally selling around what they are supposed to cost.
  13. price on gt500

    which ford is on route 1? are there any gt500 selling for sticker in MA? There are none as far as I know in Maine.
  14. OMG!!!! I feel like I'm in a scene of groundhog day!!!! Either buy the car or don't. If you're even thinking of comparing the Shelby to Corvette or Viper then, maybe you shouldn't buy a Ford. :eek:

    YES , i have driven high HP & torque vehcile's. i understand the power, and can handle it. i have been down a few 1.4 tracks. and on roadsw/turn's to.
    i'm already ready in the 180club. i have a few bike's that do 0 to 60 in 2 second's. although bike's are a little different. they in my opinion are alot harder to control both hands and feet and finger's are all doing something. and your mind has to process alot of info.
    unlike a car. no offense.

    i'm going back to make my final offer. i'm not paying over sticker on anything.

    i am going on monday to look at the GT-R , my dealer will be getting 9 of them.
    i know they want welll over sticker, but i have a in.
    hopefully that will work.
    i also have a in at a ford dealership.
    my clients are friends with the owner's.
    if that doesn't work, than nothing will.
    i'll just have to wait until next year.
    no rush, i have a few toy's for now.:nice:
  16. Just hit ebay, a ton of dealers have the 500 at MSRP. You can have one today...get a cheap flight or pay a few hundred to have it shipped to you. It's really not that complicated to get one of these. Some people are even paying under MSRP.
  17. My question:

    Can you handle a 600-700hp car?
  18. Just find yourself a gt500 for $50 grand and throw a KB blower on it and your close to your 1,000 hp car (about 800 RWHP) for a hell of a lot less than a 600 hp viper or 700 hp roush.
  19. i just bought a gt500 (new) for my wife for 51k loaded out the door......prices are droping
  20. I can get you Roush pretty damn cheap right now. Have you looked at the 429R or the RTC. Here at my dealership we will upgrade the Roush blower and Ford will still warranty the motor.