Fox I'm Not A Drifter, But Comes In Handy

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  1. I overcooked a corner at Chuckwalla yesterday, and once I knew I wasn't going off track, I just matted the gas and ran with it. Watch my drivers side mirror, the guy in the BMW seemed to have faith in me LOL

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  2. nice job mfe:nice::nice::D
  3. I woulda panicked & spun it out in the dirt, but that's just me.... ;)
  4. Awesome :)

    I think that would have been bad if you were still on the stock suspension.
  5. Stock suspension is what taught me to deal with that :poo: LOL
  6. When I saw the title to this thread I thought it was going to be some silly discussion about drifting being a legitimate auto competition. But, I then saw who posted it and I knew there would be a cool video inside!

    Nice job!

  7. Nice driving. Instincts are handy sometimes.
  8. That was awesome and the wife even thought that was cool!!! You already know that even if you lifted just a bit, it could have been a disaster! Spidey senses just can't be bought!!!
  9. Yeah buddy behind you was confident or just not understanding what danger possibilities were present :eek: Either way, under the gun you slayed that corner and showed that pony off!!! :cool:
  10. Looks like you knew what you were doing :)
  11. Handled that situation quite well. Looks like fun for sure. Maybe one of these days I'll get away from drag racing.
  12. :pop: Watching your videos on the tube here at work...... Very not bad stuff! But what do I expect from a man with the last name as me... Nuthin but the best!
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  13. So you were towards the top of 3rd gear with 3.55's... so this was happening at 70-80mph?
    So, anyone that cannot quite appreciate this, next time you are on the interstate, exceed the speed limit and then imagine pitching the car into a slide.

    Impressive driving.