IM NOT going to WFC!!! I'm hanging out on sn instead!

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  1. So, its sad, i come here, nothing new, whats going on with your guys projects? any progess, or are you sitting on your hands? :shrug: Stangnet is lame , liven it up a little :)
  2. Loser. :p ;)

  3. I got the new turbo motor in my car, and now i am wating for my turbo to get back (it was shipped sat) so by the end of the week i should have my turbo back, My volvo IC should arrive on weds, and then i should have what i need to get thing thing on the road, My MG is missing its license plate sticker so i cant drive it, and thats pissing me off, but its the DMV so i have come to expect that. However this weekend i will be doing No work to the cars cause i will be at WFC8!
  4. Hmm. The 97 detailed, and some new wheels on it.
    The 87 still gotta finish the front end work and paint it.
    Hooptie- Just sitting, I may get it out here soon.
    SVO- Got it out, need to check out the rear end, it is still making a bit of noise.

    Oh yeah, and going to WFC8 :D
  5. no work on the cars today becouse I actualy went to work :nice: work =$$$$=new parts!!! so it will be soon that I will be back in the game. Also I got my company car today, so I will start ripping my vert apart this weekend :nice:
  6. Nice! Sounds like you have alot of irons in the fire there SVO1

    4bangen: Yes, money is a good thing ;)

    Well doctor elusive, sounds like your turbo setup is elusive at this point :p

    For those going to wfc :chair:
  7. also having a new car and a monday through friday job is a big help too

  8. Actually i know where my turbo is.. i have a tracking number. The MG's License sticker is what is eluding me at the moment.

  9. Uh, well I have to change my clutch because it's ready to go after only 17K?! It must be OE (operator error), but I thought I knew how to drive stick?
  10. Finals, Finals, Finals, Build some Downpipes, then WFC8!
  11. Yay for downpipes. ;)

    Finals, finals, finals (three days worth), then WFC! :D
  12. Yea finals stink! But I'll be going to Carlisle this year!!!
  13. Finals? What are those??? :D

    Yeah I have a few other Irons in the fire that are not posted, and a couple that are not mine.
    331 Stroker into a 92 GT

    New body on a 77 Highboy F250

    trailer brakes on a trailer, and wiring on the truck.

    Just a few things, I think I hate having free time!