I'm not longer Seth5.0 , now I'm Slow5.0

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  1. Thats right, a lot people call me Seth , my bad because I made that screen name,
    Last month I got new licence plate "Slow5.0" just like my car , so I decide ask admin for swap my screen name (I keep post # :D)
  2. bastard, i want the admin to change my name to one more year

  3. Why do you want to be called "one more year"? :rlaugh:

    Just kidding, I know you want 18yrOldStanger :D
  4. :rlaugh: You better be careful. Depending on Vib's sense of humor, you might end up with what you ask for... :D

  5. Hey Seth ( :lol: ), how did you get them to keep your post count???

    So now we will call you "slow"

  6. You can call me slow just like my 3800lb Stang is it


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  7. nice plates ernie, why did you originally chose seth50??
  8. Why did you have a Seth screen name to begin with?
  9. I have no idea, in first place sound like cool, but everybody start me call Seth not Seth5.0
    Anyway my name is not Seth , neither Ernie
    My name is ERNAN
  10. Give it up, Seth, I mean Ernie, I mean ERNAN. Damn, I'm all confused now! :rlaugh:

    Just kidding with ya :stick:. I'll try to remember your correct name, and use it in the future :).

  11. No way man, because its easy to write Ernan , but try say or speel, I know that gonna come out different, so lets stay with 15 old nick name Ernie
  12. how about Seerninan? i always wondered why people called you Ernie. and now i really kinda' dont know. LOL.
    im just kiddin' with you Ernan. :)
  13. Man, you should put that in your sig cuz with all these names gettin thrown around i'm getting dizzy, alright, it's Ernan now
  14. Vib change it to that. :lol:
  15. :rlaugh:

    I kept seeing ernie so I just started to call you that. Good to know your real name!
  16. I guess Seth/Ernie/Slow5.0/Slow50/Ernan wont have to worry about ID theft!! :lol:
  17. Ernan- I thought it was Ernie. I noticed a lot of people calling you Seth when I knew it wasn't your name, so I've been trying to reply with what I "thought" was your real name. Put it in your sig so there is no more confusion. Look at mine...
  18. thats a nice one :nice:
  19. :stupid: :lol: