I'm now doubting the Kenne

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  1. No problem. Rick is a straight forward guy, who I've met in person, and has always said that his combo's don't always make the biggest numbers but they do make the numbers that he advertises.

    Good luck with your build!
  2. i believe that was decided a long time ago in this thread, i was asking about the 5.0 specific 2.1L blower that will fit under the stock hood
  3. yeah, i think i could deal with 700rwhp :p
  4. we had that exact blower in our old boat
  5. I might get flamed out of this thread for mentioning this, but with an aftermarket block, a lofty power goal, the funds to do it, and a desire to be different, why not consider compound boost? It interests the living hell out of me, personally. Have your cake and eat it too. I'm not sure how well a compound boost setup would take to a road race application, but the power they make is astronomical. You could have the flat torque curve of the KB on demand in the turns and be in boost with the turbos in the straightaways. You'll also be alone at every car show you ever go to once you pop the hood. Worth looking into, maybe. :shrug:

    Flame suit on.
  6. No flame suit neccessary. Thats a sweet idea. The only problem you'll run into is keeping the intake charge cool, and of course, a lot going on under the hood. I like it.
  7. I'm thinking a good a/a intercooler and staged meth injection would keep IATs at a reasonable level. :shrug: Wrap the headers and downpipe, jet-hot coat the cold side, turbo blanket, etc. Coolingmist makes a great meth injection kit for relatively cheap. Compound boost FTW! :nice:
  8. You wouldn't even necessarily have to do that if you went with some form of rear mounted set up.

    My buddies '82 GT had a very mild carbeurated 351W and home built rear mount twin-turbo system made up for it. It was also cooled with water/meth injection His very first time at the track on a set of Nitto 555R's he ran a [email protected] That was untuned and with next to no timing. :nice:
  9. Sounds like a killer setup your buddy was running! I'm curious to hear your opinion on the compound boost scenario, as well as Chris's (fastdriver)...
  10. I like the idea, but it would be a piss load of work for an OHV engine, since nobody makes an Eaton based blower kit for them.

    From what I recal, compound boost isn't possible with a Twin Screw, since compression takes place inside the compressor itself, rather than at the intake manifold like it does with an Eaton.

    Overpressurizing a screw compressor like that from what I'm lead to believe is bad news. Not to mention the ACT's would be outrageous.

    I always thought about building one with my current Eaton set up on my Cougar if I ever chose to transplant the engine into a Mustang.

    The little M90 spins up faster than anything available right now. Couple that with the ability to add the deep breathing characteristics of a turbocharger in there and you could maintain the best of both worlds. It would be one mean little street car.

    Not to mention, when people pop the hood, and see a tiny little Eaton M90 putting out 600rwhp on the dyno, it'll blow their mind. :D
  11. I give you one point for outside of the box thinking...+1

    Unfortunately, though I hate to be the pessimist, I think this is a bad fit for this application.

    First, for the purposes of this car, the extra weight would again hurt more than help.

    Second, they're less efficient than using a single power adder (the reason you see huge power from compound setups (blower+turbo) is due to the cubic dollars invested in the projects. I seem to recall a recent, in the last year or so, magazine article where they tested a compound setup vs. turbos vs. superchargers. I know that the turbo combination made the most power. I don't remember if the blower combo made more power than the compound combo. The only merit I see to doing this is that you'd change the overall shape of the powerband. Like you said, you'd have the low-end grunt of a PD blower and also the added effect of turbo once it builds boost.

    Third, extremely complicated engines require complicated tuning and uncomplicated racing. The nature of road racing: high-winding long-durations at full-throttle would be absolute torture for this motor.

    Forth, you'd need a deep pocket-book to put something like this together. We're talking custom fabbing, an awesome stand-alone and a lot of tuning time, plus the cost of the power-adders.... ouch!

    That said, even though you'd be all over the track (over-powered) and it would push like mad through the turns (under-balanced), it would be the talk of the track and people would come to have their pictures taken next to the crazy son-of-**** that built and drove it! :nice:
  12. Ahh I see now that this probably wouldn't be ideal for a road course car. Thanks for the input guys. It would be an animal, that's for sure. I know if it were me (with unlimited liquid assests, in a vacuum, of course) I'd do it for the "wow" factor alone. "Dare to be different" cars, regardless of the logistics of how they're built and how they actually perform in real world scenarios, always intrigue the hell out me. I may pursue the compound boost thing one day myself... but for now, back to the OP! :nice:
  13. haha seems to be everyone is forgetting this is gonna be a road course car
  14. :nice:

    Would that thing fit under a stock hood? :D
  15. lol didnt fit under the cover in the boat, but with a blower like that i would just cut a hole in the hood and show it off, only thing that would look better is black anodizing on it