I'm outta here for now- gone to uncle Sam

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  1. well i'm outta here guys, tuesday is basic training for me. my mustang is doing well, still needs a paint job and many other things but doesn't break down anymore. recently fiberglassed some CDT speakers in the door panels, really nice sound so far.

    anyway i don't know if i will keep the stang, i'm trying to sell it and i know for sure i will be buying a civic when i get to my first duty station. and yes eventually i will be fixing it up but not the big wing and fart can style. and i'm also thinking about getting another mustang because it would be so damn cheap to make it fast and nice and plus i don't like having just a civic, i'd like to have a domestic 4 cyl so i can still whoop ass with too! so that's just the news for me, i'll see ya guys later on in bout 4 months and then post on what's up.

    feel free to write what you want but i don't know if i'll get to read it before i leave, i just thought i'd share. laters all and thanks to those of you that helped me out!
  2. Well good luck at basic training, we'll be looking forward to your return! (pssst, dont sell the stang, donate it to me ;))
  3. Good luck in basic training. Remember one thing, it's just a game. Play by the rules and you'll win.

    See ya in a few months!
  4. good luck at basic training and we will miss you. :)
  5. Good luck man, we'll hold down the fort while you're gone! :nice: :D
  6. Good Luck Man! They just captured Saddam so there is alot of weight of your back already, book mark this thread and you can read it when you come back! :nice: :flag: