Im so Pist!!!!

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  1. Im so pist i just got done cleaning out the MAF and polishing all the underhood chrome and doing some other things to the motor just fine tunning it and i went to take it our for a test. So i leave here and i go and its running awesome and i come back and im coming back through the Gate here in my complex and theres cops there and i ask whats going to the security gaurd that was letting me in and he says the cop hit the gate. Now heres the ****ing twist i was like oh man that sux and what not and these gates they just installed and cost us homeowners a ****ing fortune! I loved the old system but the association here is full of crooks! Anyway he opens the gate and im driving threw and i just get the nose threw the gate and the **** closes on mE!!!!!! :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :mad: :mad: I hear metal scraping the alarm on the gate goes off and it keeps closing so im freaking out cuz its going to crush my car so i ****ing slam it into first and nail it so the cops are watching and i hear a pop and hissing sound so at this point the gate finally backed off and my car would go threw so i backed up squealing more tires because im pist and i get out the car and yell **** and the side of the car is ****ed up. Ill make sure to put picks up soon and the pony emblem from the side is on the ground the valve stem was ripped off the rim and what not and i drive threw park and the security comes to me and goes can you come here for a second so the cop can write a report. At this point im seeing red I go WHOS GOING TO PAY FOR MY FREAKING CAR!!! of course it wasnt freaking it was ****ing i said. And the cop was pist and was on my side thank God cause the gate just hit him so he says thats it im writing this up as a defective gate and he sees me freaking out just staring at the broken pony emblem and valve stem in my hand :bang: :bang: :( and he says dont worry that gates defective i was watching the whole thing the association is going to have to pay for the whole thing! And at this point i felt some relief... But now i had to put the spare on cuz the gate pushed the tire off the rim! :damnit: :damnit: . He gave me the case number and everything took all the info i took pics of the drivers side of the car so i had evidence had all the ppl who witnessed it see all the damage and everything so im going to make sure those ****ers take my car to ford and get that **** done right cuz ill be damned if i get a ****ing cheapo deapo mako repair job with spray paint its going to be professional cuz i wash and HAND WAX that car everyweekend and all my neighbors and even the security where saying how the car was mint. And it was my original PAINT!!! :damnit: :damnit: ... End of story the entire drivers side of the car is scraped from the front fender to the rear quarter panel!!! and im livid!! :fuss: :fuss: :bang: :bang: :mad: :damnit: :damnit:
  2. I feel your pain man.

    I was kinda grinding my teeth as I envisioned this.
  3. Man that blows hard. I understand your pain because my brother lives in a place with freaking automatic gates and it freaks the hell outta me.
  4. Dude, that sucks ass! Good thing you had people on your side... otherwise a homicide would not have surprised me... and I wouldn't have blamed you... that sucks...
  5. It pisses me off too because i take such good car of the body and paint on my car. And this happens to it. The rims is probably going to have to be replaced but im not sure because the damn gate pushed the tire off on side of the rim so i imagine the rim might be bent but even if its not its all scratched up on the edges. But what sux even more now too is that if my car has to stay in the shop for more than a day then how am i supposed to get to school and work. All i know is if it comes to me not having a car for more than a day they are getting me a damn rental! :fuss: :fuss: :fuss:
  6. Sorry to hear about it, especially given the care you take with your car. A gate closed on mine when it had all of 900 miles on the odometer, and put about a 2-inch ding in the right rear fender and scratched the right rear rim. It was in the body shop about five days just for that (Ford dealer of course) and came out fine.

    BTW their insurance company owes you a rental car for however long it takes. Good luck.
  7. When it happened to you they paid for everything right?
  8. Oh man, I feel your pain. That's horrible. Did the cop hit the gate or did it close on him? Who told you to go through the gate? Because if the gate was damaged then they still shouldn't have been operating it. It was negligent on there part. It seems that you can sue them. I'm really sorry to hear what happened to your stang, good luck.

    Edit: I'm saying that you should sue(but your could), I'm just saying threaten to sue then you'll be able to get everything done quickly. Also, you can get a rental and they have to pay for it. Just don't go with something insane, like a porshe. Personally, I would rent a mustang.
  9. Yes
  10. When the cop went through he figured it was his fault and he misjudged distance or something and hit the gate so he was pulled over on the side and another cop came on a motorcycle to make a report and while they were making the report by the gate i came through the same gate the cop did and when i was driving through the cop was watching me go through and he watched that as i had just started going through the gate closed on me! Kinda like this ----> My car is the wall and the head is the gate. And thats when the cop got my attention to go to him when he saw i was pist swearing and revving the **** out of my motor and he said dont worry they have to pay for everything that is a deffective gate it closed on you! And he was pretty pist at the situation and was on my side and i was like Thank God a cop on my side :D
  11. kinda sounds like the cop caused the gate to be defective(since he crashed into it). They might try to blame it on him but HE'S A COP so they're going to have to take the blame(they should have turned off the gate once the accident happened, so I think they're both at fault but the majority of it goes to the gate and whoever's decision it was not to shut it off). It's always good to have a cop on your side. Try to get pictures of the gate and also, ask your neighbors around if that gate caused any problems for them. If so, write down there story and there names. That way if they want to give you any chit when it's time to pay up, you have proof the the gate was f***ed up. Good Luck.
  12. I swear i want to walk over to the office and stangle the mother ****er! My mom called for me and he was feeding her this bull**** that i was talking to the security guard and that when i was done i went forward quick and hit the gate. And my mom told him that thats not true and that the cop said it wasnt my fault THEN THAT FAT ****! said that what the cop says doesnt mean anything because he wasnt there to see it then my mom being the bad ass puerto rican mother she is goes OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO the cop was there filling out a report for the other cop and saw the whole thing and saw it wasnt my son fault and that the gate closed on hime and the fat ****er shut up and said oh well ill have to see the police report and well the report get here tommorow so i can shove that **** in the bastards face! And if he continues to give me a problem i WILL SUE LAKESHORE VILLAGE OF VILLAGES OF HOMESTEAD SO YOU ALL KNOW!!!! :damnit: :mad: :mad: :bang: AND then he goes on the say, which was irelevant, that im always revving my engine... WTF i rev it because i like hearing my exhaust and intake and its not like i disturb my neighbors because its never late at night and none of my neighbors complain they always come to me seeing what new thing im doing with my car and they all love me im cool as hell with all my neighbors they love my car. :D But like i was saying that irelevant to what happened to my FREAKING CAR!!!!!! :bang: :bang: :bang: :damnit: :fuss: :fuss:
  13. Your mom's right, make noise, they usually listen. Ask to speak to corperate. If that doesn't work throw around the word, "class action lawsuit" if your able to get other people on your side who almost got hit by the gate. They're going to give you a hard, but remember be kind but get your point across. Don't let them think that they can walk all over you. I don't know about the laws in your state, but I would tape come of the conversations that you or your mom have, because if they promise anything or are making up lies, you can always use it against them. Ya, it's irrevelant about the rivving, I think he wanted to make it look like if it was your fault by telling it to your mom. Just wondering, how old are you? When I got into my accident(with a semi) it wasn't my fault but ofcourse they tried to blame me(the kid with the yellow mustang is always at fault :( ).
  14. Ok well i had to vent a bit, or i guess a lot, i went over to my neighbors house who is like a mafia leader that lives in this complex. lol :D but yea showed him the car told him the story told him what they said and well was livid and well he told me that to wait for the police report tommorow and then take it to them and throw it in their faces! And he told me that if they still give me a hard time then he said and i quote "Ill just make some calls for you dont worry"... So i think thats pretty cool. lol. But anyway yea im just trying to keep my cool till to tommorow oh and by the way im just 1 year younger then you. Exactly one year.
  15. Just because he said that he'll make some calls for you, I wouldn't rely and that. You know how people are, they say one thing and do the other. It's good that you have all of this backing and support for you. What exactly does the police report say? Oh, April 14th = :nice:
  16. I wont find out word for word what the report says till tommorow. But the cop told me "I am deaming this a defective gate, Dont worry they are going to pay for the damages"

    Aries man Aries :flag:
  17. Did you get the cop's info? Aries :nice: It's wierd that we have the same b-day...I'm scared now.
  18. :damnit: That sucks.

    I tell you, i'd be kickin that security guards ass for letting it close on you. PIST!... I don't know but I like that word and it looks cool when spelled. :D

  19. *Sigh* childish novelties...

    I'm not sure what I just wrote...I'm wierd.
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