Im supercharging the stang...

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by jmajorboner, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. are you for real? your going to add a leaf blower to your stang??????????
  2. wtf

    are you serious i wouldnt put that on my car if you payed me to :stupid: :notnice: what are you thinking :bang: :shrug: save up and get a really blower :nonono:
  3. Yo just don't forget to get a big bottle and just open the valve in front of it yo.
  4. Im selling the car so before I do I wanted to try one out. Its not like it will mess up the car, the computer can make adjustments for the extra 1lb of boost. :nice:
  5. Let us know how it works out... My gut reaction similar to how I react to the Turbonator... But let us know...
  6. hey if you dont care. then be the "tester" for us. make a vid or take pics....
  7. Done...Might take awhile for me to get time to go to a dyno

    P.S. I will get a turbonator too

  8. Real classy using Down Syndrome people to make a joke. What's next...picking on flood victims? :mad:
  9. OMG get a sence of humor :notnice:

    And who said anything about having class? :shrug:

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  10. I guess they should have takin swimming lessons huh...aint gettin none my hard got durn money
  11. Crap. :bang: I was trying to find a pic like that but you beat me to it.
    Thanks for the laugh out loud at work. Then people started wanting to know what I was laughing at and I almost got busted for stangnet time on work time. :notnice:

  12. I have a "sense" :rolleyes: of humor, but if you think "Down Syndrome" is *funny* then you must really be desperate. :rlaugh: What's next on your "humor" list - NYC firefighters in the ICU? :nono:
  13. if your gonna go through all of that trouble, get an electric water pump. it will give you around 12-15 rwhp. but that david hasselhoff pic is priceless. lmao
  14. Hmm...that's interesting, but it makes sense, though. Tell us how it does.
  15. that charger spool was awesome.. hehe
  16. :drool: