I'm thinking about selling my 98 Cobra and getting a 93

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by black98snake, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. I'm thinking about selling my 98 Cobra and getting a 93 Cobra

    What do you all think. Should I do it?
  2. Lets see here...

    98: Much better interior, much more powerful, higher revving, and better breathing engine, better looking, better stereo, better creature comforts, updated safety features, and I think better braking/handling.

    93: Rarer.

    Why on earth would you sell your '98 for a '93? Unless your making thousands on it and don't care about any of those things listed above, then go for it I guess. :shrug:

  3. Show some pics onf your 98 and then I'll answer... :nice:
  4. The 93 I'm looking at actually cost more than what I'm selling the 98 for. I like the looks of both of them but I'm looking at the rarity of the 93. It would be nice to have both but I don't have the space for three cars and a 03 GSXR600.

  5. I was honestly just messing with you considering I'm in the hunt for a 98 Cobra. I had a chance to own a 93 Cobra (Teal) back in '97 for 13K and I passed because I had too much time and effort in my 91 GT to lay down another 4K more (I ended up selling my '91 GT for 9K 2 years ago).

    This particular 93 Cobra was like none other I've ever seen. I used to work at a Detail Shop and this customer(who turned into a great friend) bought it brand new and it was absolutely 100% mint. It had 4K miles and never saw a single element other than sunshine. It held a place in my heart for years and it killed me not to buy it when it eventually went up for sale.

    I know what you're thinking when you're considering doing this but at this point I think I would rather have the 98. Especially if it's stock and has a world of opportunity to be a serious street/race machine if you so choose so.

    Do what your GUT says... and don't turn back.

    My $.02
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  7. It would depend on the condition of the 93. I've always had a thing for the 93 but if it were to be a daily driver I can't see the reason to get the 93. Now if you can find a 93 R model then I'd say get it no matter what. Oh BTW nice name
  8. '93 Cobra's are overated. Who cares how rare they are. That'll just make you too afraid to drive it. Keep the '98 and enjoy better.....everything! And before anyone yells foul, this is coming from a Fox owner!
  9. Im not sure I understand by what you mean when you say they are overated. Some people like rare cars, and others dont..or cant afford them. It basically comes down to a preference on what you want to drive. Personally, I find my car is a joy to drive and Ive been more than satisfied since Ive purchased it. Some things I like about it are that its never broken on me. I'll never have to change most of the car (unlike a GT or LX) such as any component on the motor, brakes, wheels or much else. Basically Ive got a cheap blower under the hood and now I can whip alot of cars for what little money Ive put into it. Bang for the buck is a little better than a 03 cobra, believe it or not. But anyway, I like it, the 98s are nice too. Its up to you in the end.
  10. Hey rydeon......what would you consider too high of a mileage on a 93 Cobra? I'm not sure if I want to buy a high mileage or low mileage car.
  11. I like the 93 but I love the 98s as far as comfort and performance. What are u asking for the 98?
  12. There are alot of factors. The general rule is to buy under 100k miles and then you will still have alot of life left in the car to enjoy it. I bought mine with 80,000 miles. Its up to 110,000 miles, supercharged, running very strong and there is not one leak comming from the bottom of my car. As a matter of fact when I go to my friends places with nice homes, they let me park on there driveways. There is a guy named Lee around here and other boards who has 170,000 miles and running a 150 shot and trapping in the 118 mph range and the stock shortblock and his runs as good as new. Its all on how meticulous the previous owner is. Alot of 93 cobra owners are very finicky about the upkeep of their cars. If you go to SVT performance.com there is a 93 cobra section if you are interested about learning more about them.
  13. I knew I'd step on someone’s toes with that one. :D What I mean is yes, the '93 Cobra's are nice cars and do offer a better all around alternative to a regular GT/LX. Better brakes, a few styling cues, better wheels/tires, but the problem was, that in stock form these things weren't much faster than you're run of the mill non-Cobra 5.0. Yeah, they've got a lot of go fast goodies, but they're hindered by a limp wristed computer and a weak T-Bird/Cougar camshaft and a smallish 70mm TB, which in combination kept most of these cars in the 14-second range. What I guess I'm really trying to say is that performance wise, these cars were a huge disappointment in stock form. Sure you’re Snake moves now, with a blower strapped to it, but it's pretty easy to add a blower to a DOHC 4.6 and get far more power than one would with any stock 302. All in all, yes, I liked the '93 Cobra's, but IMO, it's not the fact that I couldn't afford one that would hold me back, it's the fact that I'd be able to convert my LX to build one far better and for a lot less money than what Ford had put together when they built them. :notnice: The '98 is a whole other animal all together. The DOHC 4.6 is such a silky smooth engine and although it may not have the low end grunt of the 302 I’d still feel like I was taking a step backwards going to anything with a set of pushrods again. Not to mention everything else about the SN-95 is better put together than the Fox. As you said, it's all going to come down to preference. But for my money, you can't go wrong with the '98. :nice:
  14. just to stay on the techish side of things. the computer is great for a blower, its like ford designed them for one. they retard timing over 95 mph, which is awesome because blowing up your car in a long gear like forth is a very common thing. my car idles and drive so smooth with the supercharger its like its stock and its not even tuned yet. the 70mm throttle body is perfect size i dont see whats so small about that. 75 is a little too big for a street car. maybe the tbird cam is not good in a GT with a 1.6 rocker but it works well with the cobra/crane 1.7 rockers and there is alot of torque on the lower end. many guys have gone 12's with the stock motor cobra. and you cant really compare my $1600 blower (new) to a $4000 blower that goes on a 98 cobra. its such a huge difference price wise it doesnt even sound remotely near being "pretty easy". both motors run pretty much the same rwhp levels for the same amount of boost and setup, so i dont see how the 4.6 has "far more power". for $4000 worth of blower into a 93 you would be running low 11's. and the 93 is lighter too so the same power will give you a faster time. dont get the idea that my feelings are hurt by your comments, theyre not. but i think your arguements are based on alot of heresay rather than actual experience. and im not saying that people cant afford a $15,000 car, most people can. but its different when you have to pay that money in cash because most places i know of wont give you a loan on a 11 year old car that bluebooks at $5,000 so for alot of people its not a practical car to be buying.
  15. $14,500 32K
  16. Well, like I said, I'm not trying to say the '93 Snakes are junk, I just don't think they're all they were potentially cracked up to be. As for running a blower on both cars.....the DOHC 4.6 and even SOHC 4.6L responds far better to supercharging than any stock 5.0L I'd love to see a stock 302 make anywhere near 600RWHP (even close to 700RWHP in some cases) fully streetable like they're making on the latest edition of the Kenne Bell charged Cobra's. Granted the earlier DOHC Snakes internals aren't as stout as the '03-'04's in order to take the abuse, but they've got every bit the potential if someone were daring enough to try it. It would take far more than just a blower to do that with a 5.0L....or even a 5.8L. It’s not here say, it’s cold hard fact!

    You can't tell me that I'm wrong about these cars being total turds in stock trim. You're right when you say I don't have the experience as far as owning one, but aside from seeing them pull mediocre numbers at the track, I've even beaten one myself in my '87 LX with little more than ported stock pieces, gears and a few other small bolt-ons. I'm not saying that these cars don't have the potential to be fast. It's nothing that a later model computer and cam wouldn't cure, but why wouldn’t I just stick with my LX if I was just going to have to tear it down anyway? For what was promised when these things came out and for what they wanted for them when they were new, they were never really all that impressive. They should have been missiles right from the factory. Aside from being able to out-handle and out-brake the other fox's, they should have been able to leave the stock GT's and LX's in their dust.....but they couldn’t? That’s where I was getting at by calling them overrated.
  17. ouch. should have bought the one i looked at 2 years ago for $8,000. oh well live and learn.
  18. I would say if it’s going to be a weekend car go for it, but not for a daily driver. :nice:

    I am trying to get my wife to let me buy one now. It’s a 93.5 32,000 original miles mint condition for 9k.

  19. If she says no, give me a phone number and name. I'll be more than happy to pick it up for that price. :D
  20. I dont agree. I dont think you know what you are talking about and Ill leave it with that.