Im tired of Ls1 smack talking

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  1. :rlaugh:

    I mentioned the Navi motor because you mentioned a 5.4L motor. You couldn't even back up your claim with the 4.6L(which is the topic at hand). So you brought up the Cobra R, which is not a comparison because it isn't a stock 5.4L motor. It is built for racing. That is why I used the Navi motor. To show you an even comparison of a production stock 5.4L DOHC makes. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
    BTW, the Navi 5.4L, a very nice choice for the 4V guys for a bigger motor if they choose to go that route. In fact some of the racers like Al Papito(Boss330 Racing) use it.

    Fact is, the 5.4L Cobra R motor isn't the topic of discussion for obvious reasons. First, the engine isn't in the topic, the 4.6L DOHC is. Second, the 2000 Cobra R Motor is a built motor for racing, not a stock factory production motor. Lets make it the same comparison and do some head work, and other mods to the LS1 and see where that goes. An LS1 stock makes 360-375 hp at the crank to the Cobra R's 385 which is not a stock motor;). Come on man, lets be real here.

    I am still waiting for your factual data to prove to me why you said a 4.6L DOHC from 96-01 is a better engine than the LS1. All you have given is your opinions and brought in a different motor to back your claims. Please show me the facts on why the 96-01 4.6L DOHC is much better than a LS1 and not bring up different motors or just stop posting.
  2. The Cobra 5.4 is naturally aspirated. And it's a 4V. ?????????
  3. The topic is about the LS1 and 4.6L 4V from 96-01!!! That is what I am referring to. Why is it so hard for you to comprehend that? Maybe you should take some of that 10 grand you spent on your roll cage and suspension and take some classes on how to read and understand what you are reading.

    Just in case you didn't understand what was just written....
    My debate in this thread is about the LS1 and the 4.6L 4V from 96-01, not 03+, not a Cobra R!!:rolleyes: :rlaugh:

    I thought you were done with this thread? :nice: :D

    Oh btw, I hope some of you realize that an LS1 is just not a 346 c.i They also have them as 422 LS1's and 427 LS1's making over 600 rwhp NA:nice: :rlaugh: I can play the same game ;)
  4. cobra=320, t/a ws6=320 hp, still, your right ws6's are ugly as hell.
  5. Thanks for bringing the dead back alive. Like it has been mentioned, the WS6 is not making 320 hp. that is just what it is advertised at.
  6. Seeing as someone alread brought this back from the dead...

    C racked
    H eads
    E very
    V alve
    R attles
    O il
    L eaks
    E very
    T ime

    And for what its worth I know the lsx's are better than mine and the 4v's (N/A) but i dont care I still love Mustangs:flag:

    And what some people may argue that makes the 4v's better is their use of volumetric efficiency but :shrug: I dont care whos faster. Life is not all about being the fastest for me so I am happy with Mustangs:D But GM's are kewl too.
  7. This thread is retarded and the only reason I read it is because somebody bumped it and I am a moderator so I have to read it..

    I love fords and I even work for ford but untill Ford builds a new V-8 with a 4.00 or bigger bore they have no shot in N/A performance against the LS-1..

    Bore does matter


  8. I can't wait to see this get a shot in the arm with the BOSS 5.0 or 5.4L with 390 NA hp and the new Camaro coming out.........

    Just hope somehow I can talk my wife into selling the SUV and getting one so I can get the other.......
  9. Ummm if I recall correctly the 5.0 was a 4" bore
  10. I just bought a '99 Cobra vert w/an '04 Mach 1 motor w/several mods. I knew going into this that this car would not be able to beat LS1's with the same mods but I know Ill have a good time spanking stock ones. I didn't buy to race anyway but I know I will. GM has always had the best V8's anyway. The small block Chevy has always been king and there is no end in sight. I still love the DOHC Mustang's look and sound better.
  11. He said a new V8 not an old 302.
  12. sheesh fiesty arent we:rolleyes: :D I think someone might need to be de-fanged:p :) lol
  13. Na, I just tend to read what is written. It sure won't be by you:D :p
  14. Kewl, maybe not now but who knows maybe someday the "old 302" will breathe in new life. But I think we can both agree as of right now theres not much any of our factory n/a mustangs can about the lsx's. Would be nice to see the day if at all Ford finally does something about it.

    Also so you know when I mentioned the "old 302" having the 4 inch bore I was stating how even when they had the 4inch bore they still couldnt compete with the lsx so bore isnt everything "There is no replacement for displacement" its always going to be an unfair comparison. Now back in the day when it was a bit more fair and the 302 was up against the 305 we where "Spanking that a$$"
  15. Which is exactly what some of us are talking about. Mike said it clearly in his post

    The 302 wasn't even around when the LSx was out, so it is a tough comparison.
  16. Yea but the tune ports and the LT's where and the 5.0 had its work cut out for them with these
  17. We aren't talking about the LT1, TPI vs the 302.:D
  18. +1
  19. Since when? I've never heard this before I would like proof. And if they really do make that much to the crank it's sad they can only run mid 13's stock.