I'm tired of Vapor Locks. Any suggestions on electric fuel pumps?

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  1. Hello, friends.
    It has been a while I am away from the forum.
    Life is running in a fast pace leaving almost no time for my hobby.

    Anyway, when it comes to ask for suggestions, there is no better place than here.

    I am definitely tired of vapor locks on my mechanical fuel pumps and thinking seriously about installing an electric fuel pump on my '74 V6. I have avoided thinking about it because I really would like to keep my MII as original as possible but this problem with fuel pumps is driving me nuts.

    Some people suggested Mr. Gaskets micro fuel pumps (as a booster) but I am not sure if this would be a definitive solutions.

    So, any input about which fuel pump to use, any suggestions or warning on how to install it would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, I am somewhat unsure on which would be the right pressure for that carb.

    Many thanks and Happy Easter for all of you who celebrate it!
  2. I will have to double check but I am pretty sure this carb, as well as most should have a pressure regulator set at 15psi. Let me check since I cant be sure on a stock carb. Is this the factory fuel pump?
  3. ......or an old one at least?
  4. WOW!!! I was off! I have found 2 sources that both say 3.5-4.5psi for the stock setup. Looking for a more reliable source to double check
  5. Hi, yep. Today I have a stock mechanical pump. The carburator is new but it is also stock.
    Thanks for your inputs!
  6. Is your pump old? have you tested its pumping pressure and volume ability?
  7. It is relativelly new. I changed it one year ago and it does not have many miles on it. Most of the time, the car is garaged.
    It works OK, until it stalls. It is defintelly a vapor lock issue...

    What I am trying to do is to get oppinions on what would be the the suggested options of guys here on a good electric pump for a Mustang II.
  8. WOW.. No oppinions at all... It seems I will have to make up my mind by myself :)
  9. I use a Carter Electric pump mounted back by the tank. I haven't had any real issues except for the niose sometimes. No regulator, pretty much plug and play. It was mentions you could use a small cheap pusher pump mounted in the rear to help. Where is the fuel line getting hot at? Can you insulate it at all?

  10. Hi, Thanks for the input.
    I am not sure but I will definitelly review all he fuel lines when replacing the new pump.

    There must be something wrong somewhere. Since I restored the Mustang, the only thing that continually gives me headaches is the fuel pump...