Images and Info on the 5.0 and 6.2 mods

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  1. i have seen some pics of the 6.2 as well. these were posted on SVTP





    "THE BOSS IS BACK" is cast into the intake valley

  2. Sweet, it almost looks like the 6.2 sohc almost looks like a hemi:nice:
  3. Looks more compact than heads on my 4v are ginormous compared to those. Ford is really whomping some ass these days. :flag:
  4. yeah i would not mine installing one of those 6.2 in my ride :D
  5. Thanks for posting up the pictures guys.

    It is interesting that the 5.0 looks to be more compact than the current 2v or 3v 4.6l. Either they changed the angle on the banks or made the cylinder heads much more compact. Maybe both?

    Honestly, I'm just waiting for them to put the ecoboost 3.5l in the mustang. Ford should have no problem offering that engine with 400hp, plus it weighs less than the V8 and gets MUCH better mileage. :D I've seen numbers somewhere saying that ecoboost engines (the 2 4cyls and the 6) will be available in 90% of the model line up by 2013. You've gotta love boost. I'm sure it will easily make more torque over most of the rpm range than this 5.0.
  6. What is the bore x stroke on the 5.0 dohc? Same as the old pushrod 5.0?
  7. I think from what I read its 3.76 bore and 3.41 stroke. that comes out to 4.961L. Also at SEMA ford just announced the 6.2 SOHC numbers 411hp 438tq.
  8. I cant wait to start seeing these things swapped into SN95's. Now if we could get some more pics of the 2010 FR500CJ. Ford is making some sick stuff these days.
  9. shall recieve....:D
    2010 Cobra Jet Mustang, Ford's New Turnkey Drag Racer - Cobra Jet - Jalopnik

    And thanks for sharing some of the pics.Can't wait to see what these to power plants do!!
  10. Sweet , I searched all day at work and only came up with 4 pics. The whipple on that thing has almost as much displacement as my engine for god sakes....
  11. That is bad-ass. :lol:
  12. Wait a minute. The 6.2l is sohc and the 5.0l is dohc? Am I missing something here? Which motor is going in which car?
  13. 5.0 going into GT's, 6.2 going into 2012 or GT500 i suppose
  14. The 2011s are going to be one crazy stang. Hmmm, maybe I can trade in my car and get a good deal on a 05-09 when the 2011s come out. I think a lot of people are going to be trading in for the new stangs.
  15. The only cars (so far) that the 5.0 dohc going in is 2011 mustang gt and the f150. The f150 platinum and the SVT raptor is getting the 6.2 sohc enigne.
  16. this is true as far as anyone knows the 6.2 is a truck engine. it has already been confirmed from ford it is going into the raptor.

    personally, it seems dumb that either of these engines would be designed in a market like this to be used in only one model of vehicle. i would imagine (hope) that the 6.2 or some variation of it will find its way into a special edition mustang. and than the 5.0 will probably replace the 4.6 all together, and get put into explorers and Lincolns. designing an engine isnt something that is cheap or easy. they have to make the development investment back on it somehow.

    plus "THE BOSS IS BACK" that is cast into the intake valley leads me to believe there is something up Ford's sleeve on this.
  17. ^Wait wait... SVT is still alive?
  18. The main purpose of the 6.2 is to replace the weak 5.4 in the superdutys. They need a stronger motor for the superdutys and the 5.4 is all but tapped out without a blower. The 6.2 is suppose to get as good as mpg as the 5.4 with a 100 hp and 75 ft-lb increase. Go look at the 2011 superdutys as the engine is confirmed for these trucks as well. I have not heard anything about the 6.2 going into the gt500's all that is speculation because it is a larger motor. I've heard of a 5.0 twin turbo for the gt500 or a supercharged 5.4 dohc all aluminum motor is probably more likely scenario.