Important 2005 dates

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  1. All,

    This thread has been placed here so everyone can be updated as to the status of the 2005.

    Please feel free to post any significant dates here such as The Detroit Show, Job 1, and when we can see them at Dealerships. Also feel free to post dates there is any new television show or any other significant news regarding the 2005.

    Anything besides dates pertaining to the 2005 will be deleted.

    From BamaGT

    There are Four dates:

    Unveiling of the Production Model: January 4-6, 2004, at the North American International Auto Show

    Official Launch: April 17, 2004

    Job 1: September 7, 2004 (coupes), February 1, 2005 (convertibles)

    I just heard Steve Lyons (President, Ford Division) say that the 2005 Mustang will be out in September/October, 2004.
  2. Tyler, I can see you like to keep informed. I only posted that late last night. :nice:
  3. So when are people guessing that we'll be able to actually TEST DRIVE a GT? I imagine the first cars are going to be spoken for and won't be available for public flogging. So what, maybe very late 2004 or early 2005? And when do you think the V6 cars will start showing up in rental fleets?
  4. just want to tell you guys that you probably will see a gt a few month before me anyhow, I prepaid a gt for two month ago here in Sweden and can in best case get the baby just before christmas.
  5. really stupid question..but what does Job 1 mean?
  6. When production begins.
  7. oh ok thank you for enlightening me. how long does it typically take for the cars to make it to the dealerships once they begin production?

    also, anyone know how many 05's Ford is planning on producing in the first month? because i'd hate to see a very limited supply because that would mean i wouldn't get one for a while. :notnice:
  8. A few weeks, I would expect to see the first ones show up in early October, provided Job1 doesn't slip.

    I think supply will be pretty short for the first couple of months, while they ramp up. The target for the first year I believe is about 175,000 total. Within a few months of Job1 you shouldn't have too much difficulty getting one, unless you're waiting for prices to drop under MSRP. '03 Cobras were available very quickly for MSRP, and that was limited production (well, sorta... :rlaugh: ).

  9. So whats happening the 17th?
  10. The Launch Date was supposed to be on April 17th, but instead it happen in Detroit in January. This thread has been around for about 6 months now and Ford surprised us by being a bit early.