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  1. Tobacco caused some cancer to my esophogus and neck, my jugular just ruptured into it filling my lungs with blood and I just spewed blood all over my monitor.

    Now I'm sitting here w/ a straw in my mouth, sending the blood back into an IV in my arm to stay conscious.

    My TimeLife Home Surgery Series says I can use a small kevlar patch after I cauterize it w/ a womans hair curler. I was thinking better would be heating one of my old spare cams. Just heating one of the lobes, but would it affect the tempering of that lobe? I may need it down the road.

    ~Blue skies and a fresh can of Cope, it's gonna be a great day!~

    I thought tonite would just be a typical Friday nite.
  2. I AGREE!

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  4. If you southerners want to know a good midwesterner trick try this; Instead of using one of your camshafts use one of your blowtorches to heat a Craftsman wrench red hot to cauterize the wound.

    If you use a combination wrench (instead of a socket/ratchet) you can get to all of the little places in your wound.

    As a bonus, if the heat does ruin your wrench's temper take it back to your local sears store and you will recieve a replacement in 2-4 weeks.
  5. THAT is the best wisest information I have ever heard! Thank you.

    This pinch is for you!
  6. I hope when you say "pinch" you do don't mean what I think.
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  8. uh, no, that's not what I meant.
  9. Good god thats not what I meant either.
  10. No pinch for me, your thanks is enough. And keep your Kobe to yourself. :nono: