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  1. :lol:
    I really need help on selecting the right size tires.
    the rims I have are 18x9 which are not currently on the stang. Will 275s fit the rims? and are they too wide to put on the front? any advice on what size tires i should get would be much appriciated.
  2. Click on this here-->www.nittotire.com You'll be able to find what size rim is required for specific tire sizes. :nice:
  3. Ignore the recommended tire sizes, they are too conservative. Get 275s for the front and either 285s or 295s (they do fit but its tight) for the rear. 275s all round would be nice cause you can rotate. My 265s are too small, the 275s are nice, but next time im trying a 285 or 295 rear (if I dont upgrade to wider rear rims).

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  4. :rolleyes: The last thing you want to do is listen to this guy. Tires are given specs. for a reason. At high speeds the last thing I'd want on my car is tires that aren't reccomended for my rims! I suggest you follow the manufactures reccomendations. If you lose a tire at 85,90,95+, it's not going to be a pretty sight.

    P.S You can go with a 10.5" rims out back with 315/35/17's with out any problems as long as you have a stock cat-back. You'll have to do some mods to some aftermarket cat backs with those size tires.

  5. i run 275's on my 9" rims all the way around & they work perfect :nice:
  6. Dude. Shut the hell up. He's running 18s, not 17s. I have the same rims, and I know what I'm talking about.

    EDIT: You know whats funny... 275s are the low-end recommended size from the Nitto site for his rims. Your 10.5" rims are the low-end recommended size for your tire. I was quoting from your freaking bible since thats all that matters!

    Either way. Do a search, a guy recently put 295 BFGs on 18x9s. Roush sold cars with 295s on their 18x9 rims I believe... but they no **** compared to this guy. :rolleyes:
  7. Thanks for the advice guys... gonna go with the 275's all around :nice:
  8. I have 275's all around thinking if I kept with the same size I could rotate them, but I wasnt considering that the tires have a tread pattern that has to face a certain way, so you can only rotate the tires from front to back but you cant put them on the opposite side of the car without removing the tires and having them remounted. Just something to be aware of :nice:
  9. you don't rotate radials side to side anyway. that is a no no.
  10. Could i get some more info on this i never heard this before. what kind of mods would i have t odo to fit 315/35's with a magnapak's? Thanks in advanced.

  11. :worship: Whatever you say Mr. KNOW IT ALL! :rolleyes:

    :shrug: Do a search or start a new thread.