Improvements In My Houshold

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  1. We live in a modest ranch and our living room is actually that, a room where we gather to spend time together and watch TV and whatnot. It's not a formal room that people dont use on a daily basis.

    Yesterday I put a used TB on the coffee table. She asked what it was and I told her. 24 hrs later and its still there with no complaints.

    I think the marriage counseling is working.

  2. Ok,....but it's still a throttle body. You aren't considering leaving it there as your contribution to the house's knick knacks are you?

    Cause I'd make you take it back in the garage and I'm not married to you.:D
  3. That is a nice table. If I was gonna make a bold statement, I'd have a full 5.0 intake as a centerpiece. I bet that would arouse an argument.
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  4. At least fill it with wax and put a wick in it. :shrug:

    Some light sanding and Mother's polish might go a long way too.

    Your lack of effort is astounding. o_O
  5. That is what I should do with my extra parts - decorate! The intake tmoss helped me replace ended up too purdy to leave on a shelf, it is polished. No one else could clutter up the table!
  6. If I play my cards right, we'll be baking gunk off of parts in the oven. :crazy:
  7. Toss a set of dirty valve covers in the dish washer. Worked great on my wife.
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  8. i heated my upper intake in the oven to help with polishing it
  9. I have a pic of me washing rims in my kitchen sink somewhere.

    But I live alone and own the I can do what I want ;)
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  10. This is a green light for one of those engine block/piston/connecting rod coffee tables!!!
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  11. LOL.....I rebuilt a TopLoader back in the day on coffee table in my apt (25-30yrs ago)...they didn't want us working on cars in the parking lot, sooooo......:nice:
  12. Yes, a nice polished square bore spider intake. You could put some flowers in it for her.
  13. now we're talkin!





  14. Lucky you! I miss my bachelor days when I could have a stack of tires in the kitchen, longtube headers on the floor in front of the tv, upper and lower intake in the place of an end table by the sofa. Those were the days. Now I have toys all over the house, feminine products ALL OVER the bathroom, and I don't even keep my car at home. Aahh, married with kids....the American dream. :rolleyes: