IMRC deletes waste of time?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by cobra dave, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. you guys with the IMRC deletes where did you get them and what am i looking at as far as pricing? Also is it a waste of time. Thanks fellas.
  2. I dont have the deletes - but I have seen what they do first-hand.

    IMO - its better to keep them then delete them. Between the torque you will lose down low, and the chip tweaking you need to do, its better to leave them on. There's a guy I know with the same setup as me, and he has the deletes on. We make the same power up top, and he's down 60RWTQ from me(thats what talked me out of doint them btw). This is with custom tuning on his car too. The car was set up from Ford with IMRC's on for a reason - these 4v's need them. The best scenario is to clean them yearly and just make sure the actuator is working. Some people delete them because they are a potential failure part but I believe they just need to be maintained.

  3. Devi's Advocate:
    Then why did FoMoCo decide to do away with them on the 99+ design? ;)
    I've read about some positive experiences with IMRC deletes, so getting rid of them on a 96-98 can be beneficial (certainly, it depends on the application: supercharged, etc).

    Just some food for thought... :cheers:
  4. Some additional food for thought - in 99, Ford redesigned the heads and intakes- which eliminated the need for them.
    Doesnt change the fact that the 96-98 cars do indeed need them because they were designed specifically for their setups.

  5. On a blown car with proper gearing at the race track, IMRCs certainly aren't necessary since you probably won't be below 3250rpms anyways, and taking the butterflies out will only help with airflow above that RPM...on an N/A car, you better have a ported/polished intake with shortened runners and some high flowing exhaust with Long Tubes or you'll really notice the loss of power down low...but you'll gain some up top with them it's kind of a give and take situation...
  6. I use to feel the same way - but I saw with my own 2 eyes a guy lose 60 tq with the deletes. To me there's just no way to justify that...

  7. I had them for a while, I think Missouri guy had a good thought, you really need to have a modified intake or some type of power adder to make it worth it. Most cars are better off with them in, IMO.

    That said I do plan to be rid of them when I get my blower in.
  8. help

    I was running 17 psi on my 98 Cobra and my IMRC got stuck closed for the second time. Tired of changing it. I was told because i run such a high boost, it affect the closing of the butterflies. I was told the 17 psi from FI is pushing it closed.

    Anyone have DIY and Parts i need to the delete procedures. I am tired of spending 5-6 hundrends everytime.

  9. It's very easy if you know how to get them out...and yours are plastic so even easier'll just need some hi-temp epoxy to fill the holes between the ports once the rod and butterflies are gone and a screwdriver to take them apart...then some sand paper or a dremel to smooth out the epoxy out once it's dry...also you'll need your chip burner to turn off the IMRC flag in your chip to tell the computer that they aren't there anymore...