IMRC's sticking???? How can you tell?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 98cobraghostman, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. I recently bought a 98 cobra vert with 35500 miles. This car just doesn't seem to pull at high rpms like it should, not sure if its the extra weight or the imrc's are staying closed. I can't feel the hesitation at 3250 like i did in previous '98.

    Any other tips on how to tell if they are sticking would be appreciated!!
  2. It will stumble at the pointe where you are waiting for the pull. She just doesn't reach for the other side of the tach.
  3. you can reach behind the intake and move them by hand...if they feel like they have any resistance to them whe you turn the end where the cable attaches then they may be gummed up a bit...if you only have 35000 on the car I wouldn't think that they would be that dirty, although when I did my deletes at around 45k mine were pretty nasty looking...might be worth cleaning them anyways...only takes an afternoon if that...
  4. what exactly would i have to do to get to them? also what should i clean them with.

    I think there could be a problem there, I owed a 98 before and it feels different, it does stumble after 4000, but it seems like other times they are opening???
  5. They lie between the intake and the'd just have to take the intake off and clean them with some carb cleaner...

    There's a couple writeups on here on how to do it that would help out, and also having Haynes or Chiltons manual would help since they have the proper torque settings listed...You don't want to over torque these aluminum engines...
  6. Change the fuel filter FIRST!!!
  7. Try reaching your hand under the back side of the intake, and rev it up beyond 3200 - you should see and feel the cables on both sides move. Least then you know the computer is telling it to move. They could still be gunked up though