1. Just wondering how many of you are in a (local to your erea or not) mustang club? Or some sort of club? :shrug:

    I can join a club that is about a 40 minute drive from me called HORSEPLAY in clarksville TN. So basically I was just wondering if it's something i'm really missing out on, or do some of you really not like the whole club thing?

    If you have pics of any club stickers or any of your clubs meatings-outings (racing:) ) feel free to post , or if you have any good ideas for clubs lets hear them.
  2. sorta, not really, no.......

    I know alot of local mustang guys, and we meet up and cruise/BS....or i get ahold of one of them if i need help with my car, etc....
  3. I live in a real farm based town and everybody here drives a 4x4. So there isnt really any mustang owners around I can B/S with. :nonono:

    Just wondering if it would be worth a 40 minute drive at least once a month?
  4. 94+ mustangs basically are 4x4's :rlaugh:
  5. I just joined the SVT club in San Diego. Seems pretty cool. Any SVT car can join, so can non, but not as much fun. I went to the monthly meeting, and it seems pretty cool. Have picnics, meet up on weekends for backroad cruises, just had a show with a road course. All Fords were invited. I forget who hosted it though.

    Thinking of hitting up the Mustang Club of America next. Just a cool way to meet people really. Don't have to be a member to hang out though. You just hear everything second hand. Another cool thing is, a few of the guys in some of these clubs are Ford techs. If I mess something up during an install, I have a few people to fall back on.

  6. where do you live? I live in western KY. Not too far from Clarksville.
  7. The original owner I bought mine from was in the cobra club of southern california, that's the extent of its club life lol. Around here it seems there's too much drama being involved in a club, so I just keep on the outskirts.
  8. I've been with two clubs, and both are polluted with nothing but sport compacts with giant aluminum wings and such.

    What's good though, is that they all consider the V8 guys the big dogs, so I'm happy with that. Everywhere we go, the mustang/camaro guys just stick together while the imports do their thing making themselves sound and look faster than they are.

    Clubs are good, I enjoy being able to share idea's and knowledge with other people...I guess it all depends on the people within these clubs...
  9. No club's for me out here in new mexico club's suck it's all rice and they hate me i feel so alone
  10. my buddy and i started a club a fe months ago in northern NJ called "SN95 Performance-North Jersey"......at our first meet we had a little over 20 cars, and it was only 19 degree out :p i think that if your not in a club right now, either find one or start one.....its a great way to meet other mustang guys..... :cheers:

  11. This is true. I am apart of a club called 1320stangs. Cool people lots of drama.

  12. I am in one that is only mustangs. www.1320stangs.com. It is local to AZ, which includes Phoenix, Tucson, etc....

    We don't really call it a club or anything. It's just a bunch of mustang guys getting together and talking about stangs.
  13. I wanna start one out by the local Wal-Mart and Home Depot but my car gotta run before i start it lol
  14. Clarksville TN? I have buddies there and in Nash Vegas. I'm in the Ville. You oughta cruise up here some time Matt. My names Lyle BTW.

    Anyway back on topic... SVTOA, but I'm trying to start a local chapter, as the nearest is in Indy, I think...
  15. I live in springfield in robertson county. matthiasj do you go to western? I've been to some good party's up there seems pretty cool. I can join the SVT club in nashville but i'm afraid that it's mostly mod motor guy's in it. :nonono:

    Horseplay seems like a good club they meet up at a place called grandpa's at 7 on the 1st and 3rd friday of every month (for those in the middle TN erea). And they have some sponsors too so i'd be able to get some things a little cheaper that way. They also are sponsoring the car show at the NMRA in bowling green so they seem like a they stay active. :nice:

    I just dont know if i want to put a big ass sticker on my car or not though? Mabey I can get a small one made.