in car video of my turbo fastback-finally

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  1. Finally had some time to put in my wideband and a new temp gauge and took it out to stretch its legs...................and hurt it.Had to shoot it when I got home.This was rolling into the gas and never going WOT but it looks like I have some work to do durring Christmas break :rolleyes:

    dont mind the rubbing, i forgot to put air in the rear bags :(

  2. Man, that turbo sounds wicked!!!
  3. SWEET!!! I'm working on doing mine now....
  4. That Turbo whine & pop off valve is music to my ears.:hail2::hail2::hail2:
    ....Hmmm, How could I install a BOV on this powerdyne?????
  5. In the oulet pipe of the blower
  6. wow... all i can say ist just :jaw::nice:
  7. what do you think is wrong? the car sure has alot of gear
  8. Lookin good. What's the PDA for?

    Your BOV sounds alot different than mine. Mine's a 50mm but seems to take longer to let the pressure out. Probably because of the intercooler.

    So what did break? HG again?
  9. Man that looks like a blast to drive. :nice:
  10. how is ur wastegate setup. do u have it routed back into the dp or to atmosphere?
  11. yup, h/g leaking at bottom of drivers side head under header flange
  12. atmosphere
  13. Thats AWESOME! :nice:
  14. Sorry to hear that :(

    So do you know what's going on? That's the 3rd gasket now right? Time for studs and a MLS gasket?
  15. Waaaaaaaayyyyyy ahead on that.Have studs and tried different gaskets, dont knwo whats in it now since the engine builder had to fix his screw up, he assembled it.

    Either the wastgate wasnt doing its job(saw 15 psi last time out) or it went lean for some reason.

    And it makes 8 gaskets(4 times):rolleyes:
  16. What mufflers are you running? I love the way the car sounds.
  17. is your deck straight and not warped?
  18. Lord no. That's about the worst thing you can do. That and O-ring HG's. If there is a problem, HG's are cheaper fuses than pistons. Sure he didn't hear it detonating, I never do. Not under boost. If the HG's didn't go, he would definitely be doing pistons right now.
  19. SINGLE 4" Borla XR1, if i cant quiet it down, its gonna be for sale:D