in car video of my turbo fastback-finally

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  1. motor was COMPLETELY gone through less then 200 miles ago.Just think it was overboosting

  2. Damn, I'm sorry to hear that. I guess I should count myself lucky. Course, I'm running a lot less boost.

    Have you invested in that wideband yet? Guess you'll need a way to datalog as well. Whatcha using to control timing? From what i've heard the Tial Wastegate's are very reliable.... what makes you suspect overboost or boost creep?

    Sounds like you have about 4 different things that could cause that detonation
    - Too much boost/boost creep.
    - Gasket sealing problem of some sort.
    - Timing problem
    - Lean condition

    I might end up talking both you and Dustin into a Megasquirt! You can use it to datalog initally, then move to controlling fuel and/or spark when you've got the time and comfort level.
  3. -Well last time i drove it it was reaching 15 psi real fast.
    -Gaskets lasted some hard pulls on the dyno,harder then I drive it
    -timing is locked at 18* i think
    -lean, possible according to the wideband

    knock off the nonsense about the megasquirt, im not getting into fuel injectionnot this month........................but uh, what does it run?:p
  4. Reaching 15PSI quickly isn't a problem or an indicator of a potential WG problem (so long as the WG is set for 15PSI). It's just a matter of whether the WG can keep the boost from climbing any higher. You may want to look into a 10 PSI spring for now until you can figure out what's going on.

    18* timing is pretty conservative and shouldn't be your problem so long as it's actually staying at 18*.

    You did get a wideband!

    For megasquirt, the cost really depends on you. The ECU is the cheap part... buying all of the EFI components is where it get's costly. Having said that, I believe you already have the high pressure fuel system and wideband O2, so that'll save you a bunch.

    The MSII ECU itself is around $300 if you assemble it yourself, $400 if you buy a pre-assembled unit.

    With the purchase of a wideband O2 and fuel system, I figure I spent about $1500 total on my Megasquirt conversion. About $500 off that price was for the wideband and fuel system.
  5. It would be if there is no signal to the wastegate, and the exhaust back pressure is opening the gate. But just late.
    Rcihs did the same thing. then we clipped the spring and it was fine, and would hold boost. Now he's seeing 15 psi also. I finally got a hold of tial and he said the gate is too small. No if that were true, then it wouldn't have worked from the beginning. :nonono: We have an experiment with his car once we get time to try it. Will give the tial more lift in the valve.
  6. Hehe, 10secgoal wanted me carbed too. But you WILL bow to the gods of EFI! :hail2:
    I'm going EFI (BigStuff3) and also got an electronic boost controller for insurance and driveability. Got an HKS EVC VI as it also allows for boost settings in relation to RPM and speed. Again more driveability.
  7. I have a 9 psi spring and it has been seeing about 11-13 psi since the day it was dynoed.I never really get on it that hard or if i do, never stay in it,mainly for this reason

    Id hate to get rid of this carb being that it was so damn expensive.Right now i drive the car maybe 10 miles a month because I have a 10 month old and no car seat in the car, so to spend XXX amount right now when it DOES run cant be justified.But that doesnt mean I wont start skimming money from the account and start pieceing one together:p

    I just went to the Tial site and low and behold, they are discontinuing the F38 wastegate ??????
  8. Forgive me as I am lazy and dont want to red through the whole post again but are you having wg or hg problems?
  9. I thought you ordered the 12lb spring ? :(
  10. I thought we were gonna trade!:D
  11. remember i pussed out:(
  12. I was gonna take it in this weekend to the muffler shop:(

    I think im gonna get a tail pipe made and flange at the muffler and also just make a sitraight pipe out the back.
  13. What headgaskets are you useing?
  14. Those look like the stock replacement HG's from felpro. Did you clean that cylinder ? Really weird that the cylinder is so clean. Might be getting just enough gas in it to detonate. Even weirder is that it's the center cylinder.
    Do you have pics of the plugs ?
  15. Dont you think that a little better HG's are warrented? Also on the WG, is it creeping real bad or what. I may just be out of some kind of loop.

  16. Yeah, There's definately a problem if he's got the 9PSI spring and it's hitting 15PSI. I was under the impession he had the 15PSI spring in there. I really doubt the exhaust backpressure is opening the gate tho. At least not by itself with the exhaust system he describes.

    Is he using a 38mm Tial? If so, I kinda doubt the gate is too small. My 351W with 38mm Tial is holding 6-7PSI no problem, and I'm vented to the DP. His 347 probably makes a little more power, but is vented to atmosphere and I wouldn't expect to see this much of a difference. The problem he describes does not sound like boost creep. With boost creep, the boost will quickly climb to the target PSI, then will slowly climb as RPM increases. Sounds like his car is completely shooting past the target pressure.

    Mario: Where is your WG reference signal hooked up? You sure you don't have the wrong spring or go sold a bad spring?

    Would be so fricken nice if you had datalogs to post! :Zip2:
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  18. Could see the wrong spring in there. Just did a single 65 under a stock hood and the spring with a 10 psi spring and was supposed to be a 6. His is vented from both sides like yours. But i even have kits out there venting one side, like mine, and they work fine. But Marios vents both sides, which is really weird. Seen a few guys forget the signal line and have the gate open high.

    Rt100 I think yours has been that way longer than three years. I think my build is going on 4... ?
  19. You might want to re check your spring