in car video of my turbo fastback-finally

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  1. What do you mean by "vented from both sides"? Do you mean the wastegate? If so, then that's the problem. The gate won't open until very high boost without a reference line hooked up.
  2. I didnt touch or clean anything,I'll get a pic of the plugs

    The WG is hooked up to the manifold under the carb base
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    heres my data log:
    1st gear-builds boost-breaks tires loose,shift at 5500
    2nd gear-builds boost-breaks tires loose,seeing A/F at 15:1,shift at 5,000
    3rd gear-builds boost-breaks tires loose, double check A/F 15:1 again, WTF? oh crap what was that noise, its missing now, &^%&$##@@**:mad:, c'mon make it home

    hows that for a datalog, can you figure out what happened:rlaugh:
  3. Running for three years, build took 2.5 years. :0
  4. my plugs looked similar to yours. it was totally random what each plug would be. yet another drawback of blow-thru.

    btw- i think i finally had my car on the road in late '04.
  5. I'm probably behind times on how you sponge drivers, (carbs hehehehe), set up your WG. If your gate is the type that only uses one port it should be connected above the carb butterflys. Otherwise, the turbo makes boost against a closed butterfly between shifts, (sees vacuum). If it is a dual port blow off, then one port goes above and one below so that if there is vacuum, wastgate is open or if there is too much boost. Some WG use the top port for venting as a way to connect a boost controller. I could be wrong but you have your WG plumbed like a BOV. Under WOT, it would control boost but would slam the butterflys between shifts.
  6. the wg is ported fine below the carb. a turbo isn't going to make boost when the throttle is closed (other than from the inertia of the impeller). a bov takes care of that.
  7. Shoulda stuck to the bottle:rlaugh:
  8. I went on Tials website. They show the WG plumbed upstream of the butterfly. Downstream still works but thats not the way they show it. Does
    Iskwezm have a BOV?
  9. If you put it above the TB then it will see pressure LONG before the intake, cracking valve and causing it to vent before pos intake pressure. Takes longer to spool for no real reason.

    Wheat ever it happened, the timing was too much for it. But I don't see any signs of detonation. But that coulda been scrubbed out when you drove it home I guess.

    Kalvin, I mean the two banks merged before they get vented. Me and rich only vent one side.
  10. yup
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  11. I'd try moving the WG reference line to a spot before the throttle blade. At least only temporarily as a test.

    Dustin is right, it should work just fine in the location you're using but I'd still be tempted to give it a try. The pressure in the intake isn't nearly as smooth as it is before the throttle. Can't hurt to give it a try.
  12. also, that headgasket is a stock felpro 34.99 autozone headgasket. not meant for boost by any means. I run them n/a but I bet aside from your tuning problems that headgasket is a weak one.
  13. those gasket although cheap and bought from autozone will take a beating from hell. I ran them for along time before I put 87 in and forgot, then lifted the head. But the car went 7.0's everytime out without problems. I run SCE stuff now because my local speed shop always has them in stock, and I can get them in .40,.060 or .080 off the shelf. It really isn't a bad gasket. ALWAYS seals.
  14. so what gasket should i get and what thickness??The g/f gave me some pocket money:p
  15. do you have access to a straightedge to check for warpage? you might as well if it is torn apart that much and keep you from blowing another gasket
  16. Your car is one that Ive liked since I first started trolling the forums here, and it has recently inspired me to believe that a turbo is within the reaches of a mere mortal like myself. No easy feat for sure, so my hats off to you for that. BUT, do I see an original fruit-jar single master cylinder??! C'MON, give me a break! If Im wrong, Ill retreat to my humble lair with my tail between my legs, but I felt the need to call you out on what is such a cheap and easy safety measure.
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  17. You dont need good breaks moving the car in and out of the garage:rolleyes:

    I know I know, if i had a nickel for every time somebody told me about the master I'd have enough moeny for a set of ****in brakes:D I guess the new one I have on my workbench doesnt do much good huh:(
  18. you can get the same gaskets from autozone. They are cheap, but work well.
  19. Have you guys seen this twin supercharged 65 Fastback? It's pretty freaking bad.

    Bad-Ass Mustang

    There is a link to a clip on You Tube of it running a low 11 second quarter mile on 15 inch street tires, full exhaust and pump gas. The clip has this guy's Camaro in it also. I e-mailed him about it and he said it (the Camaro) was only running 9's because it only had 10 psi of boost and they were just testing the car, not to mention the driver was still going through the NHRA licensing stages at that time so they couldn't unleash the 20 psi of boost that thing was designed for. Still. 9 seconds? LOL

    Anyway, This street trim Mustang evidentally runs upper 10's most of the time now. He said it ran 11.0's - 11;20's all day before but they finally got the driver to "get with it" a little better once he got used to the car. You can see this low 11 second pass is fairly effortless in that it looks like my wife's Toyota 4 Runner would probably have eaten it up off the line. It looks like he took off in 2nd gear and you can clearly hear the driver lift off the gas between shifts in this pass. You can also hear those blowers when he smokes the tires. No popping or sputtering there!

    You might ask that guy about yor head gasket troubles, the oddities in your spark plugs and the clean piston in that one cylinder. I'll bet he'd have an answer for you. I just thought that car was pretty nuts for a street car. He has all kinds of other monster Mustangs on his web site. This is the guy I get most of my info from and he is the one I bought my carburetor rebuilding video from. Come to find out, when I bought my new Edelbrock carb, this guy was on the DVD that came with my new carb! LOL I guess Edelbrock hired him to show people how to install and tune their new carbs.

    Have a good one guys!
  20. Your car drove by when I was getting the 30k service done for my Evo in Santee a couple months ago. I think it was running open downpipe. Sounded nutty.