in car video of my turbo fastback-finally

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by iskwezm, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Haha, it's always that loud. There is no tail pipe. With a tail pipe you couldn't hear it running.
  2. dang man! Looks goods . . . and sounds good.

    I have just the wiring to sort out on my 86 hatch with a 302 and a blow-thru, will also be running a t5 until it breaks.

    What gear do you have in the rear?

    I have a Tial 38mm wastegate and a turbonetics manual boost controller and it said to boost reference from below the throttle blades.

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  3. you drive yours on the street???:rolleyes:
  4. Pssshh. this is gonna sting

    I drive it on the street more than you do.:lol: Hell, I think it's quieter, too.
    One day my car will have interior, one day it may even have paint, but today I'm making it fast !!!!!!!!!
  5. maybe if i went back to the bottle this thing would last longer:shrug:
  6. Detonate with the bottle and the same thing will happen. ;)

    Rich and i have an experiment going on in the next few weeks. I'll probably send you one, too.
    Send me a pic of the inside of your wastegate, showing the inside of the valve stem clearly.
  7. I ran a 125 shot for about 10 years and only lost one head gasket.Now the car has had 6 h/g in less then 300 miles.If it happens again after this, its gonna get old real fast:(
  8. If you decide to go back to the bottle let me know. I would be happy to give you lets say about $500 for the turbo setup.:D

    Hell, it was worth asking wasn't it?;)
  9. You've probably spent more time "in power" in the last 6 months than you did in 10 years with the nitrous. Lot more fun, and easier to play with when it's always there, and there aren't refills. Let's be fair though. 2 of those HG's were CR problems. Now the boost is too high. Gotta figure it out, or it will blow again.
  10. :bs::bs::bs::bs::bs::bs:

  11. something changed since the dyno:shrug:
  12. See I don't know. Mine last summer saw 12 psi, now 14 and nothing has changed. Rich used to see 9. Same story, now 15. And then you. Tial says the gates are too small, but couldn't explain why it would hold the boost before. ONLY thing I can think is if the ethanol % changed, and now it's more exhaust energy, and that's causing problems. But I dunno.
    PM your addy and I'll get one of these things to you when it's done.