in case u ever wondered what the s/c cobras rwhp stock..

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  1. How did you get a C5 out of that link? :scratch:

  2. Its got nothing to do with the link, I was referring to his previous post before that one. He pointed out that he had an LS1, it was then I noticed the vette in his sig.:D
  3. I woulda never in my life thought almost 2200 views here :crazy:

    Tons of folk are looking in on a few guys talking about a Chevy LS1


    People ... They never cease to amaze me :eek:

    In the past we have had some really good technical info :nice:


    Yet ... The interest was nowhere close to this thread :scratch:

  4. Wow, I can't believe I actually missed providing you the link that I mentioned here. Here it is: Marc Arnold's 1993 Cobra As I mentioned above, there's lots of info on this site for other combos that I'd recommend checking out if you have the time, and it seems to be very well-documented.