In Need Of More Speed!!!help!!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by DJTaylor, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. well for a gift i got a card with 150$$ for summit racing and i am haveing trouble selecting an item for the most bang for my bucks. tearing the engine apart wouldnt be a problem also beacuse i cant drive for another 75 days so i have time to install. So far i have: Bac cold air intake, under pullys, B&M proripper shortshifter,flowtech headers, plain ol' straight pipe exhaust w/ stock cats, and thats about it. Okay and my car is resistered as a 1995 mustang GT, although tyler thinks it is a 94... so it is either a sn95 or 94. yes that is sad i know> so if you have any ideas at all please tell me.. Thanks --DJ--
  2. I was thinking about getting 2 warlock mufflers (although i would not put the "flow intensifier bypass" in)with the150$ card, and then buying an Xpipe system with some other cash. would that sound good. gain horsepower or what?
  3. ok my idea about pulleys is shot....just went back and saw that you had them..... :bang: ....

    .....about your 94 or 95 question....thats something id look into....maybe run a carfax on it and see what they spit out at you because the title and registration shouldnt be different....oh and both 94's and 95's are SN95's....actually everything made from 94-04 is an SN95

  4. A off-road pipe would be the best bang for the bunk. And you also get the good sound too.