In search of a fastback...

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    I am trying to help my brother find a clean 65-66 fastback. Does anyon have recommendations of where to look? He's not looking to do any paint or body work, so the exterior must be clean/stock appearance. He's looking for somehing that is just a clean driver, so it can be slightly modified (i.e. better brakes, suspension, steering). If anyone knows of something fitting this description, please pm me. Or, if anyone knows where we can look, let me know.

  2. I think your best bet would be eBay.

    Nice looking Fox by the way!
  3. be carefull buying off ebay unless you can have it inspected .a friend bought a 67 fastback that looked decent on ebay ,when it arived the fraim rails were rotted floor was gone and had crappy patches done .he paid $12,000 for a pile of junk
  4. Thanks for the compliments on my Fox! I haven't ruled out eBay, but my brother would certainly need to do a thorough inspection to know what he was getting himself into. Thanks for the input, guys!
  5. ^Agreed on the Fox. Very pretty.

    Check out It's a nationwide Craigslist search.
  6. Well it's about time!
  7. That is an awesome Fox Body!

    I'd look on CL or Ebay for fairly local cars that you can go see in person.

    I did not know about the nationwide Craigslist search.
  8. Thanks for the kind words about my fox and the advice for where to look! We'll keep looking. Can anyone recommend a forum specific to classic mustangs? You can PM me or shoot me an email at [email protected] if you'd like.
  9. Found my 68 on Craigslist!
  10. There are several mustang boards with cars for sale. All ford mustangs, corral, etc...You will be surprised what is just around the corner.
  11. I know of a guy in the Chicago area who has an original '66 A code GT Fastback. I was asked if I was interested in purchasing. He wants on the north side of $11k
  12. 12k, 11k..?? You most certainly are buying a piece of crap. One afternoon looking at ebay will show you 18k and up will get you something nice. It just depends how much money you have and how nice you want this fastback to be.

    There is no such thing as a 66 A code GT fastback for 11k and a little extra anywhere on this planet.

    You all need to educate yourselves with these car or you will not be happy with your planned purchase.
  13. i bought a factory black ,red pony interior 66 GT fast back for $3000 not long ago .you never know what you may find .never hurts to check it out
  14. Man, don't be a dick. There was no where in my statement that I said what kind of condition the car was in. It has been sitting inside in a garage for years, wires hanging out from under the dash, standard interior, oxidized paint, tires mostly flat. It is not turn key ready to go down the road, but it is solid and original. Couple days with a vac and the normal tune up, and it could be running down the road.
  15. In your first post you mention a GT, now its a car with standard interior. Maybe I might not have such a ****, had the info been correct. :D
  16. a 65 -66 GT could be ordered with standard interior, i have owned two GTs with standard interior . a standard mustang could be ordered with pony interior. i have a 65 fast back right now that is not a GT but it came with blue and white pony interior.
  17. anything was possible back in the day when these cars were first sold. very little on the cars now to prove exactly how they were delivered. any ways the price for these car are high for a clean, no fuss, no rust fastback. here is a good example IMO of an average car, still A LOT to be done on it however. take it for what its worth. just trying to be helpful and give you all the REALITY of it all.