"In Spec" alignment

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  1. My GT has the Eibach Pro Kit so is dropped an inch and half, or so. My question is...when I take it in for an alignment and the techs tell me its "within spec" is it really in spec considering the lowering springs or does lowering change the alignment specifications?
  2. I think thread below is very informative on the topic.

    The bottom line: with modified suspension, like yours, you can't trust the alignment done by your average Firestone shop

    In my particular case "in-spec" alignment meant out of whack camber with excessive inner tire wear accompanied by annoying bump steer
  3. lowering does not change the specs.

    ford specs are crap so you will most likely have some edge wear issues.
    post up your specs if you have them. i can tell you if it is good or not
  4. :lol: thats sooo true. there are a lot of so called alignment techs that have NO clue what they are doing. they just see red and green.
  5. Lowering your ride heighth will change all the facets of an alignment. It alters the Toe, Caster, Camber and Bumpsteer. All should be redone by a quality specialist frontend shop. I'd also recommending CC plates as well as a bumpsteer kit. Think that is too much dough, think in terms of the additional tire wear problems, shock valve damage and generally an unstable frontend. All of which will cost you more dough in the end by cutting this corner.
  6. You got him confused. Lowering the car does not change the specs Ford specified. Yes the alignment of your car can change from it being lowered.
  7. alignment SPECS do not change when you lower a car.

    lowering a car will do a great job of messing up an alignment! ask around on local forums for someone good to do your alignment.

    i've aligned a few of the :SNSign: recently
  8. After re-reading his post, you could be right. Although it was explained in somewhat of a confusing manner to me.Makes sense though, now that you point it out.
  9. i would recomend a set of MM plates.

    its hard to get a lowered car lined up with stock plates.

    if MM plates are too much you can pick up a pair of 18mm cam bolts that go in place of one of your strut bolts. it will give you roughly.75* more camber movement. they shouldnt be more than $35 for a pair


    theres a pair on ebay. i can get you a set for $30 shipped if you're interested
  10. sometimes i forget that everyone doesnt do alignments everyday:rlaugh:

    if you need any help just let me know. i can get you setup right:nice:
  11. What is "in spec" for camber measurements? Mine is sitting at -1.4* right now. I've ordered some camber bolts to get it closer if needed.
  12. you will have inner edge wear issues.

    some 18mm cam bolts will help you get some better wear from your tires. i like to have no more than -0.8 camber on my car
  13. I ordered some from Steeda today. Should I get the car re-aligned after I install the camber bolts?
  14. yes you will need another alignment. the toe will be affected by the camber change.

    you ALWAYS set toe last. it changes with any movement of camber or caster. hopefully you can get it done under warranty. i wouldnt mention you added camber bolts. just tell them you want it checked to make sure itis right
  15. dropped the car on steeda sports, NO CC as of now, took it to NTB cause i have 3 yr alignment program, guys puts it on racks, says its in spec, this is what i got. Its pulling to the right though.

    specs LF [RF]
    camber -.9 [ -1.4]
    caster 2.4 [ 3.4]
    toe .14 [.12]

    Front Xcamber .5
    front xcaster -1.0
    total toe .26

    LRear [ RRear]
    camber -.4 [.0]
    toe .05 [.06]

    total toe .11
    thrust anlge -.01

    SALEENGT2001 please let me know how these look through PM or on here. The car is pulling to the right pretty bad :(
  16. Just putting in my .02

    Eibach list their recomended alignment specs in their install papers. You can use them if you want, I did. But beware, the car grips like a mofo around the corners, however your outer tread will not last long.

    I had mine set this way and there are not many winding roads where I live. My tires were shot in 14 months.

    I got new tires and had the car aligned back to Ford spec. No issues with wear now. :nice:
  17. After I installed my Ford Bullitt kit, the car couldn't be aligned within factory specs anymore. So, we changed the specs. :jester: J/K. I bought the Steeda C/C plates and had it-realigned.

    I'll try and post up the final numbers tonight but now it's all good. :nice: