Engine In The Wilderness

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  1. typo, i meant to type clamping force.:oops:
  2. I assume it is a "typo" error of clamping force!:rlaugh:
  3. you mean its not the force it takes to pry open a clam ?:scratch:
  4. MMMM.... Clams, Yum!:cool:
  5. especially when they are lightly breaded and fried, and dipped into a good cocktail sauce.:D:D
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  6. Great advice from all. If its combustion pressure getting through, then it will bubble in the coolant immediately from the leak b4 it even warms up. It may b very little bubbles @ idle but will still b there. At least u can cross that off the list if u dont see that. Have someone help u do a compression check to see if there is a problem with a specific cylinder just to confirm. I agree, its sounds to me like lean carb and timing is off. Remember a stock cam is around 6 degrees btdc @ idle and a performance cam will want 10-12 degrees btdc @ idle average. Many have installed an aftermarket cam @ the stock timing specs. Big no-no. Follow cam company recommendations. Also replace ur radiator cap if u haven't already. The original is probably worn out and wont hold the required pressure to work correctly.