In today's age, 5.0s just aren't competitive...

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  1. i agree with points made, :nice: the only time im on the streets it 2am or later, still unsafe but im not running kids over, i havent been able to make it to a track yet as it is 120 miles away... but i heard ya pony!
  2. To be fair, a KB setup for an 03/04 Cobra cost about $7-8k when you add in all the bolt-ons, beef up the rear end and tune it. This is in addition to a car that cost $25k. It's not a bad deal, but a lot of money for most potential fox owners.

    Full coverage insurance for an 03/04 Cobra also cost about $2200 per year for anyone under 35 years old. Here in NC, tax would be $200 per year. Interest on a 5 yr loan would be $2000.

    Lets say for example, someone buys a Cobra for $25k and pays a $3k down payment -- at 5% interest on the loan, that would be $27,000. $2.2k per year insurance for 5 yrs would be $11k. 5 yrs tax would be $1k. Total cost of ownership would be $39,000 over 5 yrs.

    With a fox, someone could get a fairly clean and reliable one for $3500 and pay cash. They wouldn't need full coverage insurance so figure $400 per year which would be $2k over 5 yrs. Tax would be about $20 yearly. Total cost of ownership would be $5600 over 5 yrs with no car payment or high insurance payment.
  3. I think you're judging me unfairly. Someone else recently mentioned that the 5.0 is no longer the king of the road. That's the point, and quite frankly only people like you and me look back at the 5.0 mustangs and their accomplishments as glorious. People do not view 5.0s the same way they see the Boss 302, 429, Shelby GT500. All of those cars are fondly regarded by all. As evidenced by the value of a mint 5.0 in comparison with the aforementioned classics, the 5.0 is not yet old enough to be a classic. Maybe one day it will be. People don't look back in awe, and if you stop next to a new Z06, KB terminator, GT500, nicely modded LSx, they may give you a thumbs up and say, "nice car," but they aren't thinking, "It's probably faster," even if you're modded.

    :nice: Who questioned cultural interest in the mustang?

    "loose ignorant conjecture?" Actually, it's nothing but an opinion, and you seem to be getting wrapped up in it. I just don't see the same perception/reaction for the fox-body that I remember seeing. People with the new stuff just aren't intimidated by a fox-body or group of fox-bodies like they used to be. They are intimidated by other new stuff, LSx's, Cobras, Supras etc...

    I own a C5 (my 2nd) - didn't give anything up. I don't think that there's anything wrong with standing up for the mustang, but I do disagree with some of the points you made. Nevertheless, I don't see how my disagreement fails to correlate with my belief that they don't keep up with today's tech. My mustang will be faster, and it still makes sense, because a mustang built like mine is so rare that it has no impact on the perception of fox-body mustangs by the general public, or more specifically by gear-heads.

  4. FastDriver, it seems to me that you want a cobra, z06 or something new to play with, is this the case? Are you looking for people to agree with you so you have a reason to upgrade?

    Sure the FAST foxes are mostly track only cars nowadays instead of street warriors but thats what happens over time.

    People start putting them away, or growing up and using them only as their toys. Whereas newer cars have the ability, traction, suspension, less likely to rust, and tons of other modern and new components that allow them to be driven daily and still be fast, I know tons of people who will continue to drive their cobra or corvette during the winter season with a change of winter tires.

    Street and Track cars are way different, its just life that modern cars can be both where as the ability of the fox is mostly confined to the track because its an older car, of course you will find your occasional fox body who is able to run on the street and is still running full interior, no roll bar, and air condition.
  5. LOL dude your car isn't that rare, there are at least a dozen 700-1000hp street Mustangs in my car club...and every one of them will at the very least hand a Z06 it's ass in a straight line. It is more rare that Mustangs are built to outhandle the Vette but it's easily done and without the brick hard handling you're talking about. In fact most serious road racing setups tend to be more on the soft side (Griggs is known for their "Old Blue" coupe, it doesn't even have swaybars).

    It just sounds like you started something huge and you're trying to build a middle ground now but you're contradicting yourself at the same time. How many 1000hp street Mustangs are in the magazines right now that will eat a Z06 alive? Damn near every page you flip through is a badass 'stang and most of them anymore are build to handle as much as they are to go fast.

    No offense man but you're sounding full of yourself now. Your car does look pretty sweet if that's it in the sig, but c'mon it's not rare.
  6. The body certainly isn't rare, but where are all the other 1000 rwhp mustangs? I certainly haven't happened upon any during normal driving, meets, or at the "street scene" here in Columbus. I know that I'm no pioneer, and there are certainly plenty at the track, but on the street they seem rare to me.

    Where is your car club, and how many mustangs does it consist of? Magazines have nationwide coverage, so it's not surprising to me that they find plenty of material. If your club is widespread, I could understand that statement, or if you live in a city like Atlanta or Houston with a thousand other members in your club.

  7. rx7??
  8. i have heard several times that the fox body mustang is "the next 69 camaro"
  9. Still like fox bodies to death, but i'd take an 03 or 04 cobra over one anyday.
  10. i dont know of many 1000+ hp mustangs, but i know just my little town has about 5 mustangs pushing over 600 hp. Im not sure if that is really unusual or not since its where i have lived my whole life, but i dont think a mustang that can beat a new z06 on the streets is that rare. I know most you see on the streets could never do that, but i think there are enough to still keep some uncertainty in the other person.

  11. WHooooo Columbus? Ohio? Dude i'm in Cincinnati! Look up, we've got a couple thousand members and we do cruise ins all the time. We've got members all over the place but mostly around the Cincinnati area. You're right, they are rare but the simple fat that you yourself are building one, well that supports everything i've been saying in this thread right? Also i guess streetable is in the eye of the driver because some would say my car isn't very streetable and it's sure as hell no match for a Z06! Right now the founder of our site has a twin turbo 331 car in the tuning stages. Yeah he's building it to race but it'll be plenty drivable once it's done and i'm sure it'll peg the dyno at well over 1k hp.
  12. Thanks, man. You disagree with me, but at least you clearly understand what I was trying to say.
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  17. Chris, I'd check-out the April '07 Editor's column in 5.0 Stang and SF. :)
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  19. maybe ford will come back with a foxbody retro style in about 20 years these cars are going to be classics
  20. I thought it was cool that Chris (as I interpreted the column) was mentioned in a stang mag like he was. That deserves props in my book. :nice: