In today's age, 5.0s just aren't competitive...

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  1. i gotta say it would be awesome if a new fox was fords next "Bold Move"..... it would be even more awesome if it had a pushrod engine. I mean GM can base their performance cars off a pushrod engine.....y cant ford do it.

    BTW Hissin you have a sick amount of posts lol:nice:
  2. dont need to wait 20 years they are practically classics my area there are more first gen mustangs running around than foxes
  3. Bang for the buck, fox mustang is about as good as it gets. At the end of the day, Speed = Money.

    If your sole reason for owning a car is going faster than everything else on the street then you'll be gravely disappointed - someone is *always* faster.

    I love the way my '88 GT sounds, handles, and feels. There's nothing funner than dropping the top and cruising with my wife. It's not the fastest car on the street, doesn't have the loudest stereo or the most expensive's just plain fun.

    When you consider I spent 3K to buy the car and another 1,500 to bring it up to my mechanical standards it's pretty amazing.

    Having said all of that, I am building a 331 for it to up the fun level just a little - I'm not trying to be the fastest guy on the street but I'll be faster than most and I'll enjoy my fox mustang a little more.

    To me, it's getting the most fun and enjoyment for the money - and that's what the Fox Mustang is all about.
  4. i knew he was talking about when i read the column...

    if your reading this 5.0 magazine editors: it's 5.0 not 05... i could give a **** about the first gt500 in the 9's, the first 400hp v6 s197, and the random cars built by random shops that will never go into production. how about some tech sections and parts that arent for 4.6's? if i open up another supposed 5.0 magazine and see another article on 'boosting your 05's horsepower with this new cold air intake' i am gonna throw up. you dont even feature fox mustangs anymore, its all shelby this shelby that. its pretty lame that you create a magazine pertaining to 5.0's and 5.0 owners, most of whom are under the age of 30 and cant afford carroll shelby's overpriced trailer queen, and run nothing but constant articles about the new cars. focus on the foxes not the 05 and up, and if your going to... change your magazine's name and do me a favor and cancel my subscription.
  5. I'm confused with this whole thread.

    Fastest speed limit in the US is a whopping 80mph in a certain area of Texas during day light hours. I constently have minivans blowing past me at close to 90mph, but good thing for that stability control to keep the idiots alive.

    What's with the big dork syndrome I consistently come across now adays?

    When will the madness stop? 4cyls running with v8's; what will happen 20 years from now?

    I know, a 13 inch bore with a 4 inch stroke B&S powered car will be running what the Fox Mustang used to back in the 90's.

    Hmm. first it was the flathead 8, then the chevy small block, then Hemi heads, factory forced induction cars- now with less cyls. It was a bad thing with HEI replaced the points, points just couldn't hack it anymore; was their no love? What about drums; are disk really that great? LOL

    I wonder how many rodders thought the 32 ford v8 was a monster in the day, only to think that 20 years later that it was a turd and just wasn't competitive anymore?

    What's with benchmarking the new Z06? Who the ***** wouldn't want an all aluminum dry sump 427 small block (pushrod) under the hood?

    Technology: My Nissan 4cyl head flows more CFM than my edel performers on my mustang. Go figure that one out.

    Fox has become the next 55 chevy. Look cool, sound good, build em how you want. Mine has a popcorn sound, vortech whistle, AC and 22 mpg on the highway at 75mph. If a z06 comes up he'd take my 427 to the rear tire, but I'd give em thumbs up; I wouldn't chump out about it.

  7. You have a point, but I get tons of good feed back about my car where ever i go....from old guys, young kids, guys my age either of Tuner sorts or muscle car guys.
    The Foxbody will always stick in peoples heads cause they were everywhere and they were reasonable quick for what was out there in the late 80's. Every where you could find one, local track, cruise night, trailor park and so on......
    I slightly disagree that people are not willing to invest in go fast parts for our aging cars. Ask a handfull of people in here are you will find that most of us have way more in our cars than they are worth on the street.

    BTW.....I love the Foxbody and will ALWAYS have atleast on in my garage!!
  8. Why are there so many of you haters out there??:shrug: Is this Nazi Germany and someone is forcing you to read the mag? Why do you not use their counter to your response in your opinion? In case you dont know what that is, it states that the 5.0 got the same worthy praise in its day, and the new ones help keep the 5.0 alive as the sport continues momentum. What do you have against the new Mustangs? AND MOST IMPORTANTLY.... if you NEED info on the 5.0 I will give you a hint... READ THE LAST 10 YEARS OF ISSUES

    End Rant....
  9. i dont want to get into it in this thread, so we should post a new one on the issue. but it just pisses me off, i subscribe to the magazine b/c i want to read about foxes. ive had a subscription for a few years and before the 05's it was AWESOME. the occasional 03/04 cobra was sick to read about too. but now they have lost focus. if primedia wants to write about 05's soooo bad, why not start a new magazine? 05 mustangs and superfords, and bring back 5.0 magazine, cuz in its day, it was the best
  10. ok i dont believe there falling off, all u do is compare a price of a fox compared to a z06 vett put half the money of a new zo6 into buying a stang and building it and it will outperform the vett heres something to back my theory its not a zo6 but still a c6 vett
  11. Nice video and sweet fox!!!!!!!!!!:nice: :nice: :nice:
  12. This is a very good way to put the cost of owning the cars into perspective but I think the Cobra would end up costing even more than that because the interest rate of 5% is dreaming in these parts, I would at least double that to 10% and would actually consider that a fair rate. Most used car dealers in this are charge even more than that, maybe it is because they cater to people with bad/no credit history but just to make a point. Not saying you are wrong in any way, just adding that the older fox is by far a better deal, financially anyway.
    As for the point of this thread.....I both agree and disagree with some of the points on here I still think the foxes kick a$$ and always will but when you compare HP #'s only and see all these new 4cyl and 6cyl generally average cars making 200-250hp with sportier cars well above that, it makes the fox look less than it actually is/was.
    I do not agree that the Mustang is just another "old" car, yes it's getting old but it is not just an old car, it is a mustang, and mustang just has an "aura" if you will. And like everyone said you cannot compare the new to the old`it is just not valid.
    So to sum this up the fox body is/was and always will be a cool car, and with the sales records as proof there are millions of people around the world who agee or at one time did agree. Yes there are better cars out there, and faster that cost 100-1000% more. I will stick with my "old" one, it is good enough for me.
  13. why are we comparing mustangs to vettes anyway?they are two completely different kinds of vehicles.
    I could make a station wagon as fast as a vette if I wanted to, but why would I?
    enjoy the stang for what it is, a practical,well rounded car that you can take to the track on the weekend.
  14. I like the hatchback on my GT, I was able to fit the 03 Cobra bumper for my Mach in the car to take it to get painted, and my son still had a place to sit.:nice: had to leave the wife at home though:rlaugh:
  15. thats funny that this thread is mentioned on page 13 of the april 2007 issue of 5.0 magazine!!!!!!!!
  16. what I liked about that video was not only was the Fox being competitive and BEATING the newer technology... the "GOD OF PERFORMANCE" corvette was also getting his butt handed to him by a third gen maro!

    Yea, our old 80's cars can't hang... whatever :rolleyes:
  17. nice!!!
  18. Mustangs have always had a sound of thier own. I have a lot of friends that are Bow Tie guys, but they love the sound of my Mustang and respect the He.......ll out of it. Mustangs will always be competitive. What about the Pro 5.0 Class, you have Billy Glidden going high-7-seconds in the 10.5" W/tired class. That's fast. Mustangs forever!
  19. I think everything that can be said has been said when comparing an old technology fox to todays new technology or whatever.

    Here's a completely new way to look at it and it's a growing trend that some people are taking notice to. Maybe I'm wrong but I think think that Fox Body Hot Rods or Fox Rods are getting even more popular in a new way.
    Somebody posted on one of these pages about thinking outta the box. Forget pushrod this and windsor that. Fox Body's with modern drivetrains are getting more and more common. 4.6 DOHC motor swaps in a fox is a pretty hot ticket. Are there gonna be 10,000 guys building and driving these everyday no, but how often do you come across a C6 Z06 vette everyday? Not very often. I've been following the pro-touring craze for 5 years now and am amazed at how guys like Mark Stielow are taking 1969 Camaros and stuffing twin turbo smallblocks and LSx motors in 1st gen Camaros primarily and making them outhandle, outrun and just plain outperform a C6 ZO6 vette and it still drives down the street just fine with great driveability. Check out or and take a look at what guys are doing with their beloved "outdated" iron. Some guys are building some seriously fast good handling daily drivers that have no problem hanging with a modern sports car and wouldn't give the time of day to a Cobalt or turbo Neon.
    I guess my point is stock vs. stock no a fox can't compete - but who cares - everybody modifies their car whether it's a 32 Deuce or 2007 Mustang. I think a lot of guys today look at a fox mustang as a clean sheet of paper. Some people restore 'em to relive the old days but most of us want to modify them as far as our wallet and wife will let us.

    I think you could build a very competitive Fox Body for $20,000 or less. It may take a couple years but so what. A true hot rod is never done.

    Long story longer - take advantage of the modern stuff at places like MPS Auto Salvage or some other Mustang slavage yard - stuff that modern technology in your fox - fight fire with fire - Pro-Touring - classic looks with modern drivetrains! Hot Rod guys have been doin' this for years why can't the Fox Body guys do it? Some are already doin' it.

  20. modular2v I was just reading that too. He said "In this particular thead, the poster "FastDriver" bemoaned the idea that in todays age, 5.0's just aren't competitive..." Why did he not say Stangnet?