In today's age, 5.0s just aren't competitive...

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  1. I was just reviewing some of my old threads. You posted this right when I moved to Fort Drum from Fort Benning to become a platoon leader. I never caught this comment. Does anyone have this back issue? Can you tell me what it says?
  2. Dammit! They quoted me in that magazine? Where's my cut?
  3. I don't know, pretty satisfied with mine. Even if it's running pig rich and has some kinks to iron out, it can still dominate the street like the 5.0 always did. This winter has some pretty nifty projects lined up with the old pushrod.

    Subaru WRX STI is an awesome car, so are a few other non-american iron but something about a push-rod engine with an aftermarket cam, dual exhaust and RWD makes it way more fun to drive.

    I'm also thinking about the LS6 option (plus twin turbo) more and more. I know it's taboo but if I never show you my engine you would never know and as I'm going 10's in a fully streetable car with hardly any exhaust note and 20-25mpg... why would anyone care? Although the new 5.0L engines seem pretty cool too but more expensive to switch over. Anyone want to buy my supercharged 302 which should be near 450 crank HP once it's all done? lol
  4. :rlaugh: lol... While, I don't disagree with the general premise... today's cars are absolute monsters by comparison to the ol' fox. To put a little perspective on why I was thinking along these lines: I blew my twin-turbo motor up in November '06 and was thinking about all the money I was about to pour into it. :lol:

    God bless the ol' fox-body. I get excited every time I see one (that isn't falling apart). Aside from the old Boss 302s, 428 CJs, Shelby Cobras, and Boss 429s, no other car gets my attention like a fox.
  5. dam 5 year old thread.....

    Lotta things have changed......They brought back the 5.0
  6. Does that mean your famous now?
  7. Well, I was famous and didn't realize it. I guess that explains all of those signature requests. :D paparzzi trying to take pictures of me naked.... Muhammad Ali told me I'm the greatest.... Now I understand everything.
  8. This is one of the reasons im doing my car to the point that im happy with it, F' the guy that dont like it cause its a slow auto vert. If i can get it in the mid/high 13's and pull looks at car shows and cruse ins than ill be happy with it and move on to my next toy.