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  1. I was just wondering with the bringing back of classic name plates such as GTO and Charger what would everyones opinions on a retro revival with updated versions of the Nova, Camero, Firebirds, cougar, and so on
  2. Theres always talk of bringning old cars back as new. look at the charger concept. They are already talking about a 2007 camaro(its camaro not camero by the way). This is all just speculation. just like how the fordGT started out as just a concept that would prolly not see production. now its going to be fords flagship performer.
  3. Retro styling is bad, using styling ques from older models is ok.

    The Camaro will be back in model year 2007, Firebird probably won't be back at all, GTO and pontiac Solctice will repace it.

    I think new names are good too. Just look at modern "legends" Viper, Lightning, SRT-4
  4. Can you sing..."Which of these things just doesn't belong here?" WTF? SRT-4?
  5. :stupid:

    Why would Chevy bring back the Nova when they could bring back the Chevelle? Novas suck IMO. And doesn't "Nova" mean "no go" in Spanish btw?

    I'd like to see the Torino come back. :nice:
  6. the torino would be a badass car

  7. We may not be huge turbo I4 fans, but sport compact fans love this car, it is a huge sucess for Dodge. It is the fastest FWD you can buy, and you can't argue its bang for the buck.
  8. A remake of the old ChevyII with a LS1 and similar weight would kick ass
  9. I don't mind the use of old names, personally... just as long as they have the looks and power to back up the name...

    What I would like to see in the future:
    Falcon (Not Aussie, American, w/ a V8)
    Ranchero (Im not crazy, I swear)
    El Camino (Chevy SSR?)
    A Muscular version of the Cougar (V8)
    Chevelle (w/ an LS6 package? :p )

    Maybe some of the Ford family cars renamed... For example... "Taurus" would become "Galaxie" or "Customline" or something

    Maybe Ford should bust out some of the Original motors for new cars...
    260, 289, 302, 351, 352, 360, 390, 400, 406, 410, 427-8-9, 430, 460, 462...

    (yeah, some of them are mercury or lincoln... who cares... haha)
  10. Reviving old name plates is great IF you put out a car worthy of the name. I shudder at what some of the revived nameplates have been attached to. The Maruader didn't live up to it's name. And I almost want to vomit in anger seeing what Chevy did to the Monte Carlo and the Impala(it's a freakin LUMINA!). To an extent it's a great idea but I would like to see American companies at least move forward at some point. I mean I can't imagine the car world now without the Viper. Create new heritage just make a car that people will WANT to remember fondly. Also names need to reflect the times and tastes. I don't think the Fairlane is a very striking name and a lot of younger folks when they think El Camino probably have thoughts of big odd rusted out piece of antiquated hardware. I mean that's what I thought when I heard the name up until like 5 years ago when I saw some nicely preserved and modded El Caminos.
  11. Hi this is my first post and I have to say that, it is beautiful and thank you ford. I really can see it, by putting a hood that looked like the boss 429's hood, and lowering the front, or putting a front spoiler on the mustang that it will just wet everybodies pants. So much good can from this car. Thank you ford.
  12. I HATE that manufacturers are trying to "revive" namesakes. If the name hasn't lived on (mustang, corvette, thunderbird) then LET IT DIE. Especially when it comes to the well known Classics (Charger, Chevelle, Cuda). Besides, anyone that knows anything knows they only made Chargers in the years 1968, 1969, & 1970. ;)

    <-- Owns a 1968 Charger R/T

    In 20 years would you run out and buy the new electric or hybrid if they called it the 2023 Mustang Cobra ??? It's just lazy marketers trying to whore out a popular name. They were what they were. Let them RIP
  13. Preach on brother gp!

    However, the T-bird is a bad example. Remember, it too was dropped from the Ford line up because of bad sales. But at least when they brought it back, they did it the right way. A 2 seat roadster just like 1954.
  14. I agree with everyone who says classic names that have died should stay dead. Try something new, for once.

    In the end, it doesn't matter to me, because i'll always have a Mustang.
  15. Actually, I've seen talk about renaming the solctice the firebird!
  16. that was strictly a rumour on a 'different site'

    Take it as you will
  17. Ah, shut your eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. hemi Cuda!!!!!
  19. If GM/chevy brings out a Chevelle, I'm sure they'll slaughter its legend, just like every other historical name they've brought back...

    Lets see... they've killed or butchered the: Nova, Chevelle, GTO, Camaro, Firebird, Impala, Malibu... one could even argue the almight Corvette pales in comparison to its past...
  20. it might be fast, and a sucess and blah blah, but its a freakin dodge neon that looks like crap.
    the reason these cars are classics is power and LOOKS.