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  1. I don't really like the idea of everything beinf retroed out. They hit the nail on the head with the mustang, but think of all the ugly cars that could end up being on the road. I just can't see a lot of manufacturers getting it right. I'd rather see them use slight styling cues from the older car than trying to being back the old style.

    PS: Next mustang after the '05 Body Style... should be a fox body style :nice:

  2. I pray to God that they don't bring back one of the ugliest cars ever.

    I am really not a fan of this retro styling. To me its just the car designers saying "Well $hit I am out of ideas. What now?" Its just lazy. I don't mind keeping certain styling aspects consistent as the car evolves. The side scoops and the quarter windows in the Mustangs were cool. But to totally revamp a car just to make it look old seems stupid.
  3. Everyone remember when Shelby actually allowed his name to be attached to some of Chryslers cars in the early 80's? Now THAT is whoring...
  4. Buick should bring back the grand national, not change a thing, just bring it back the way they made it in the 80's... GNX :hail2:
  5. [I pray to God that they don't bring back one of the ugliest cars ever]

    Dude I would give anything to see a new Hemi Cuda.... sorry all, that would be my new toy..... BWTF.... a 2006 Shelby Cobra GT500KR would be major kick ass well.....

  6. ugliest car ever.
    it's confirmed. you have no taste. :nice:
  7. Plymouth is gone so no Hemi Cuda. Would you settle for a Dodge Challenger?

    I'm all for them dredging up old names if they can stay vaguely true to the original concept. But the original concept on all these famous names people are listing here was 2 door V8 RWD. If it's going to come back as a FWD V6 four door I don't want to see it.

    One thing I think would be cool would be for Dodge to revive the Super Bee. That is, low buck, low option, big horsepower midsize sedan.

  8. Please step out of the 70's and take a look at the thing. I am really not a fan of Mopar anyway. The only thing Mopar I like was the GTX. Other than that I stay away. Does anyone remember the Super Bee?? Ewwww hideous.
  9. As has been stated so many times before (and quite frankly is a matter of common sense). Just because you do not like something, does not mean that others are not allowed to.
  10. What year GTX? What year Super Bee? The 70 and 71 Cuda are very good looking cars, but I prefer the midsize cars, too. The 69 1/2 Super Bee (440-Sixpack, fiberglass hood and black steel wheels) is one of the toughest looking muscle cars ever built.

    Ugly 69 1/2 Super Bee photos here

    ugly 440-6 Cuda on eBay
  11. I believe the GTX I was thinking of was a 67. As for the other cars I really don't care for them in any year. I am a GM guy when it comes to old muscle. 67-69 Camaros, 67-70 Chevelles, 70 Regal GS, you get the picture.
  12. You have no respect, and no taste is naturally assumed with that. My friend has a Superbee and its a gorgeous car, and it runs 12.34's with the stock 383 and a cam, and it weighs 4,000lbs and its damn near 15 feet long. I've never in my life heard anyone say that car was ugly, until now. I own a 70 Hemi Cuda in plum crazy purple, and It's a magnificant car, what dont you like? circle headlights :rolleyes:
  13. I like the 67s, too. Same body style as my car. And once I yank my 361 and drop in a 440 I'll have the same drivetrain. :nice:

  14. Its the whole car that I don't like. They don't look very impressive to me. So maybe I am the only one. Big deal, its how I feel about them, you dont have to agree. I also like Bimmers and Subarus. You guys probably don't like them. No biggie.
  15. You're right, I don't like them. That is why I DON'T go to their forums.

  16. Good for you
  17. Sorry, but :bs:
  18. You might be surprised. Some of these guys are in the 11s with heavy cars, full interiors and original equipment reproduction bias-ply tires.
  19. Since this thread has spun out of control I will help bring it back to where it started.

    What other cars do you guys think should be revived?
  20. Bring back the Gremlin and the Pacer.