IN with the old.....

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  1. Hmm Gremlin......well they did it with the Beetle and Cooper
  2. Maybe they could just put a Levis interior in a Focus?


  3. :lol: Wow am I glad I wasn't alive for that.
  4. MOPARS are great, but not that great. I have a somewhat rare 1968 Dodge Charger R/T. It was originally ordered as a "fleet" car for a detective in (we believe) the Van Nuys, Ca. PD. The car has many special features on the broadcast sheet. I also had a resto mod Cuda. Was into MOPARS for the first 10+ years of my driving life. Was a member of So. Cal. Rapid Transit System club. Was involved in the MOPAR nostalgia drags, bracket races, etc. A "B" engined "B" body takes more than just a "cam" to get to the 12's.
  5. I'll get you a video of the car, and then I want you to apologize, deal?
  6. Superbee with stock 383 and just a cam running 12.34? Stock intake? stock carb? Stock air cleaner? Stock ignition? stock cat iron exhaust manifolds? stock heads? Sure, show me that and I'll even send you a Hallmark card (the really big ones), Deal?

    I'll stand by what I said; A "B" engined "B" body takes more than just a "cam" to get to the 12's.
  7. Trying to weasel your way out? Holley 750 w/ a performer manifold, headers, and a hemi cam. Stock 383, stock heads. Has a shift kit and a stall, runs mid/low 12's? That enough for you to respectfully weasel you way out, or will the video be required still?
  8. Not trying to take sides, but this is what you said.

    Stock 383 with a cam.

    Now you want to add manifolds, headers, shift kits and carbs?

    Either it is STOCK 383 with a cam or it isn't.

    Although I would like to see the video. Any 4000 LB car that hits the 12's is cool in my book.
  9. Seems like you didn't read either of my posts, so I'll say it yet a third time:

    A "B" engined "B" body takes more than just a "cam" to get to the 12's.

    Your post quoted above proves that statement was, in fact, completely true. If you are going to use a term, like "stock", make sure you know what it means. You look really foolish when you supply the person you are disagreeing with the ammo to discredit you. Hell my 68 Charger R/T has 12.5:1 cr, Isky 302 cam (.715 lift), worked heads, headers, Holley Dominator intake with an 850 dp mec sec, Art Car 727 w/ 3800 stall, 4.56 gears and runs 10.3, Guess I should have been entering the "stock" classes all this time. I could'a cleaned up in the stock class :rlaugh:

    And, a "Hemi" cam is only 284* and .470 lift, the Chrysler production high perf cams in the 383 RR and the 375 hp 440 are 284* with .450 lift. The 383 Road Runner and the R/T "B" body cars (375hp 440) run in the 14 sec bracket. So, now I can really say that:
    A "B" engined "B" body takes more than just a "cam" to get to the 12's.

    Is that enough to weasel back into it??? If not I scanned 2 pages of the Direct Connection Performance Book for you. They give basic "recipes" for bracket racing MOPARS. Seems they think it takes more that just a "cam" as well
    [/b]. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Now Mr. High Road let's see how you bow out.
    :D :D :D
  10. They made Chargers in 1966 and 1967.

  11. I would love to see Daimler Chrysler jump into the pony car market.

    Build a 2 door 4 seat coupe with a long hood, short deck, make it weight 3000 lbs, offer that magnum V6 as the base engine, a 5.2 (318) as a next step up, and then maybe a 5.9 or the 5.7L hemi...or BOTH. Call it the Cuda, call it the Challenger, I don't care, but it would be cool to see that come from DC instead of some Eurotrash wannabe hotrod with a F***ing V6 in it (Crossfire).

    Oh yeah, keep the features to a minimum, so that cost can be kept below $25K, and then market the hell out of it.

  12. sure :nice:
  13. It was a joke (hence the winking smiley ;) ). The pre 68 and post 70 chargers are considered ugly by those of us who own a 68-70.