increase HP in a I6 200ci

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  1. I6 owners need to understand, building a 300 hp turbo engine is the second thing that needs to be built. The first is to bring the chassis up to speed.

    Your drivetrain, brakes, and steering need to be able to safely utilize the increase in power. You also need to plan on adding either a toploader, a T-5, a Tremec 3550, or a beefed C4 to handle that power. You'll need a radiator with a lot more capacity. Another issue that hasn't been fully addressed is how to get 300hp reliably thru a 9" clutch.

    Driveshaft, rearend, chassis stiffening........That much power needs SERIOUS attention to all the other things that are marginal in the I6 chassis. I can imagine someone trying to stop an early Mustang from 120+mph with 9" drums....:eek:
  2. 6T6coupe your correct about the chassis, I wasn't sure how much I should talk about this in this thread since the title of the thread is about increasing HP.

    As far as what I am going to do to the chassis I don't know yet. I probably wont have the car striped down to the frame for another couple of months then I will start the rebuild process and restrengthen the existing frame as well as add additional supports. If you have any recommendations about chassis upgrades I will listen.

    Brakes who needs stinking brakes! Actually with the increased HP I didn't think the 4 lug front end or the back axle would be able to handle the HP so they will be replaced with a new back axle and front end with disc brakes. Again any recommendations will be considered.

    As far as tranny goes I wanted to switch over to a manual transmission so the C-4 is out. I have not made my final decision on a T-5 or the Tremec 3550 as of yet. I was going to try and find some gear ratios for each and see which has the best stock setup.

    In regards to the radiator I was planning on switching over to a 3 row instead of the 4 row. I would like to keep somewhat warm come winter time.

    I was planning on creating some new threads regarding each of these issues as well as others like suspension several weeks before I get to each stage of the rebuild process to give me the time to do some final research on the specifics of each. As well as find out how much fabrication I will have to do with each option.

    Any other recommendations will be considered.

    Thanks again everyone for the help
  3. Here are the mod's I've done to prepare for the V8 conversion

    Starting off with the I-6 engine. I cut an additional rectangular hole in the rear of air cleaner housing, and welded in a diverter, then advanced the timing to where I need to run midgrade to keep it from pinging. Both changes made a slightly noticable difference in performance and fuel mileage.

    As for all the chassis mods you can see them on the web page in my signature.
    Cobra disc brakes, T5z, TCP subframe and Y-member (convertible car), 8.8" rear, PHB, Cal-tracs, power R&P, Opentracker roller perches, boxed and modified control arms, strut rods, big sway bar, yada-yada, et nauseum.

    It drives like it's on rails, and will stop like you wouldn't believe. :nice:
    I gave a little thought to building up the six, but have decided on an aluminum block V8 instead (starting on that this winter).

    Good luck with your project

  4. 66Runt, does the T5z bolt straight onto the I6 200ci or do you have to get a new bell?
  5. Uses an adapter plate between the stock bell housing and transmission

    The only clutch part I changed was the pilot bearing to a '67 Mustang bearing. In fact I didn't even change the clutch. It was in great shape, and I couldn't find one locally.

    Go here for more info:

    or do a search on this site for T5 or this site:


  6. Just took a look at your project IMO (please don't take this negatively) but you need to take a serious look at the vehicle your planning to put this 300+ hp engine in. Cost wise it appears you have to put major $$$ in all areas of the vehicle you are starting with before you even think about building a powerplant. I have 2 66 I6s (one is being built up to support a 351w) they are pretty light duty in all areas. Add 40years of abuse and corrosion and you basically need to replace and strengthen everything, especially if you intend to build HP. Short story, look at your budget and plan wisely! And good luck on your project!
  7. Dejavu, I understand that the chassis will need to be upgraded, I have plans to stiff up the entire chassis with a tubular support system. Doing whatever I can to keep it concealed within the body and unseen because I want to keep the car looking stock on the outside. As to what I am going to do exactly I dont know, I am waiting to get the car stripped down before my final decision. My father as an endless supply of tubing, so it will be as light and strong as possible. A couple of my friend have built drag cars and trucks, so with their help I should be able to firm up the chassis as will as develop a suspension and breaking system that will keep the car street legal but strong enough to get the job done. Again I am grateful that you guys are looking out for me and the car and I know that it will take lots of $$$. I didn't know how much of this info I needed to share up front since I was looking for info on how to beef up HP in this thread. But like I said earlier I would like some more opinions on the matter mainly because my friends want to try some new things out on my car and I dont know if I really want to give them free rain. So if anyone has pics or descriptions of what they have done to their car I would love to see and hear about them. This project for me at least will most likely take 2 years to complete because I wont be able to work on it more than 1 night a week and maybe every other weekend. I work about 65 hours a week and my wife said that I she would like to see me during the day more than once a week. Thats why it will be such a long project.
  8. I am going to be putting up forms for a concete floor in one of my barns (40' wide x 28' deep) that I will use as a shop and I am wanting to put a car lift in one of the four bays. Does anyone know if they need any type of footing under them to support the wieght? And for that matter what brand of lift you would suggest?
  9. sykes, unless you are going to build 400+hp from that six(i doubt you will), you dont need the tremec 3550. the T5 will do just fine.
  10. Out of curiosity, what is the terminal weakness in the I-6s? Suppose it's going to be a fully built crossflow turbocharged alcohol burning monster. Does the block crack? Does the head lift? Or can it take as much power and boost as modern fuels will allow?
  11. Being that the block is only 200ci stock I didnt think I would be able to reach the 400 hp range. Maybe if I had a 250ci that could be possible but like but like 65shelbyclone said whats the upper limit? Mike from FSPP would probably know if its possible.
  12. Something I just though of is the ports going sonic. Since there are not yet any big port aluminum heads floating around out there, the iron and/or crossflow head port size would probably be a big limiting factor if parts failure is not.

    A 300 inch six would be fun too.:spot:
  13. I have a 69.5 Maverick with a 200ci. I bought the Falcon 6 Performance handbook. It tells you what you can and can't do to an I6. Also, CSRP makes a really good disc brake conversion kit.
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