Increase In Part Prices?

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  1. It's been roughly 3 years since I have perused the Mustang used part classifieds and new part vendors seriously looking for stuff. Seems the prices have gone up? I would SWEAR that I paid $400 shipped for a NEW magnaflow catback for the Hoopty. Now the cheapest I could find is $610 shipped? Has stainless gone up that much?

    I also bought some AFR 205s off corral for $900 shipped. Can't even get 185s for under $1200 anymore.

    Inflation? Supply and demand? Idiots thinking they have a gold mint?
  2. All of the above in various combinations depending on what one is looking for. I remember being able to buy a new FMS aluminum driveshaft for $150 from Summit Racing..................but that was back in the day when $150 was real money lol.
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  3. Priced AN fittings lately? Ugh!
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  4. Colin, try some vendors on the corral. I think my MagnaFlow IRS catback was $450 shipped about a year ago.
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  5. I don't think I have ever seen an AFR head under $1000 since they came out with a Ford head in the late 90s.

  6. AFR 185's sold to me at dealer cost by my buddy at the machine shop, $1401 with shipping. Yes, parts are expensive. Just look at the alphabet cams, they have gone way up in cost over what they were a few years back. I think it is just inflation and people need to get the most out of their used parts so they can buy again. I have bought mostly used stuff in the past several years. Deals are out there, but you have to always be looking and have cash in hand. The cash part is my problem.

  7. I think it's inflation. Like said deals are out there, just have to be ready to jump on them because they don't last long.
  8. Try and find a clock spring, FRPP front control arm, or FRPP rear upper control arm. Talk about ouch, And X3 on the damn alum driveshaft. They have doubled in price.

    The good news is there are tons of used performance parts out there for these cars and deals are out there. I scored a set of AFR heads with Ford 1.6 rockers and hardened pushrods for $1000 a month ago.
  9. I think the basic high performance parts have actually come down in price, if not down in price, you get more for your money now. It's the little stuff that has skyrocketed. A bypass hose used to be $4, now it's like $8.

  10. Well, I was initially referring to used part prices in the op. I paid $900 for used 205s
  11. I'll disagree because I'm just givin :poo: away over here!

    But really I do agree, and it's because people are stupid. I list my more valuable stuff at way over what I'll take for it because thanks to shows like Pawn Stars ever jerkoff on the Internet thinks you're supposed to cut their price in half and say "cash money" and you'll own it
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  12. BINGO!!!

    Ask $5 for a brand new car and some ass hat will still come by and offer you $2.50 and tell you you're nuts for not taking it. :nonono:
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  13. There is some price manipulation that goes on, but in general, the prices have gone up.

  14. Now I dun tole dat lokness monstah.... :fuss:
  15. Everything has gone up in price.
  16. Seat foam has gone up I do believe.
  17. My mustard hasnt :rolleyes:
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  18. Now that's what I'm talking about!

    I agree that pricing in general has gone up for the most part and that in turn drives up used part pricing. The days of 150$ 42lb injectors is long over, I remember buying multiple sets of 160lb injectors for 350$ a set brand new. It seemed like for a while they couldn't give the things away!
  19. Not to get too involved, price of diesel has a lot to do with it, costs more to ship stuff. Also the Chinese was buying tons of metal. Cost of oil affects the price of platics also.

    That's in the back drop of inflation.
  20. And what a crock that is. Deisel used to be a good bit cheaper than gasoline, wtf happened there? I know here in my area with all the deisel trucks from the natural gas companies, prices have increased due to demand