Increase In Part Prices?

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  1. Diesel is the left overs from making gas, after that you get lube oils towards the bottom to be really simple on how it's made. More fuel efficient cars lowers the demand on the gas side of it.

    People are living farther out, more wal-target-marts being built to reach them, more fuel being used to transport goods farther out also.
  2. You have to consider the global demand for Diesel as well. Small diesel cars are constantly increasing in marketshare overseas. The last time I was in Norway, at least half the cars on the road were diesel. 10 years ago it was less than a quarter. In the 1960s the airlines started running jet aircraft which despite the huge consumption of a jet engine was considered a bargain because Kerosene was considered virtually a waste product of oil refinement. There was no thought given to fuel consumption whatsoever. Now the sky is full of jets and we pay over $3/gallon for the stuff.

  3. Not to mention developing countries attempting to have the quality of life we do. I.E. Tata motors in India attempting to put everyone in a new car for ~$2500.
  4. There's also the fact that all diesel fuel sold in the U.S. today is the low-sulfur crap that probably costs more to make (as well as other problems necessitating more maintenance costs).
  5. Not to mention the price of booze and hookers has tripled over the past 10 years. What has this country come to?
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  6. And blow! What's a hooker without blow!!:rock:
  7. You got that right. In the immortal words of Marion Barry

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